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DVGBC Fall Newsletter printed 10 06


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DVGBC Fall Newsletter printed 10 06

  1. 1. Fall 2006 Meet Platinum Sponsors helped me grow as a person. I Meet Rob Diemer, have met some very inspiring Chairman of DVGBC people. I have had a chance to When did you first become aware of work on projects and initiatives environmental concerns? that are far removed from engi- neering. To me, this personal When I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s, there growth has been the real value of were public service announcements on the TV about my involvement with the Council. pollution, littering, etc. I remember all the coverage about Love Canal. I knew the environment was As the DVGBC’s new chair- important, but it wasn’t personal to me. In 2000, I man, what are the elements that make up started hearing people talk about green buildings, this initiative about which you feel most and I was asked about sustainable design in several Gold Sponsors passionately? project interviews. I started educating myself on I think the DVGBC has an opportunity to be a sustainability and LEED and gradually realized that catalyst for positive change in Philadelphia and this was something that I wanted to be involved in. the Delaware Valley. If we as humans are going In June 2001, I went to a seminar at the Fuel Cell to reverse the affects of global warming, Research Institute in Irvine, California to learn more Americans needs to demonstrate leadership by about fuel cells for a client that was interested in changing the focus of our country from a con- them. California was in the middle of rolling black suming, extractive economy to a sustainable, outs and power outages, and everyone I met was regenerative economy that also addresses social very excited about green buildings. I caught their justice. This is the legacy we must leave our chil- excitement. When I got back to the east coast, I dren. As Al Gore says, it is a moral imperative. decided to sign up for the USGBC annual meeting (pre-GreenBuild) in Tucson, AZ. I have gone back There is a lack of leadership at the top necessary every year since then. to lead the American people to a sustainable future focused on the triple bottom line. Change Silver Sponsors When and why did you become actively will need to be initiated from the bottom up, and Armstrong Ceiling Tile involved in DVGBC? our regional chapter needs to play a role by help- Bala Consulting Engineers, Inc. Once I realized that I wanted to be involved in ing define and advocate for a more sustainable Ballinger green buildings, I needed to find a way to get future for the Delaware Valley. Brandywine Realty Trust opportunities to work on green building projects. Bruce E. Brooks & Assoc. In the short time the DVGBC has been in exis- Corporate Lamp Recycling I thought that it would be good to get involved in tence, we have shown an amazing ability to get WS Cumby & Son the USGBC but hadn’t yet found a way. In 2002 I LF Driscoll Co. things done and to demonstrate leadership within was at Green Build in Austin, Texas in 2002 and Forbo both the USGBC and the region. It is this capaci- attended the USGBC member day. I think the Hercules Cement ty that excites me the most about the DVGBC. Herman Miller Inc. DVGBC was recognized as a new chapter that Homasote Company day, and I saw Scott Kelly holding the chapter And what are your priorities? Honeywell International flag. When I saw him later on at the conference, InterfaceFlor Commercial My priorities are for the DVGBC to take an active I introduced myself and said I wanted to get IMC Construction role in advocating for change in the Delaware Johnson Controls, Inc. involved in the DVGBC. He immediately put me MAB Paints Valley. My hope is that by engaging community, to work on the Educational Programs committee. MaGrann Associates business and governmental leaders and organiza- Mannington How has your involvement in DVGBC tions, we can have a greater impact. I believe that Mohawk Fine Papers impacted your engineering practice? our advocacy needs to be focused on two primary Norwood Construction PECO Energy objectives; making sustainability a priority for My practice is totally different now then it was 5 Pentex Construction Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley and expand- Company, Inc. years ago. I try to concentrate on green buildings Paul H. Yeomans (PHY) ing the demand for green buildings. The two and LEED projects. Through my involvement in Consulting Engineers, Inc. objectives go together because as the region gains Sherwin Williams DVGBC, I have met a lot of people and gotten a better understanding of the benefits of sustain- TOTO USA involved in a lot of projects to which I wouldn’t Urban Engineers ability, and begins to move toward more sustain- have otherwise had access. Beyond my engineer- Weston Solutions able government and business practices, the ing practice, my involvement with the DVGBC has Certified: demand for green buildings will increase as well. Burt Hill RDLA
  2. 2. High Tech High Living the Future reduce water use by 60% as compared to a stan- dard building. A vegetated roof on the school’s in a New Philadelphia performance center will help control water runoff High School during rain storms and an Energy Star roof with strategically placed shade trees will reduce the Today, graduating from high school with just the urban heat island effect. Over 90% of all wood three R’s doesn’t cut it. Graduates will enter a used in this project was sustainably harvested as world that demands individuals with sophisticated approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. skills such as problem solving, effective commu- nication and critical thinking. For this reason, the Superior indoor air quality will result from the use School District of Philadelphia (SDP) teamed up of low emission paints and materials and advanced with the Microsoft Corporation, to create a new, ventilation systems. During construction more than Executive Director 750-student, 180,000 ft2 high school in West Jill Kowalski 50% of all waste was diverted from landfills by Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, where the primary Mailing Address: recycling and when the school is in operation a 100 North 6th Street goal is to infuse technology or “digital literacy” comprehensive recycling program will manage the 6th Floor into every aspect of the learning environment. Philadelphia PA 19106 building’s waste paper, metals and plastics. 215.625.4485 Extensive studies have confirmed that a facility The combination of excellent daylighting, high with fresh air, daylight, and superior indoor air efficient lighting, a well designed building enve- quality is a key component of high quality educa- lope, and an innovative “ice storage” HVAC sys- tion. With this in mind, the SDP decided to con- tem will result in energy savings that are expect- struct the School of the Future as a high perform- ed to exceed the current building codes (ASHRAE ance green school. It was designed by the Prisco Sponsor Spotlight 90.1) by 49%. With financial support from a Group of Howell NJ, using the LEED (Leadership in Pennsylvania Department of Environmental AKF Engineers, LLP Energy and Environmental Design) rating system Protection Energy Harvest Grant, 10 kilowatts of is an award winning as a tool. LEED demands that environmentally electricity will be generated from solar panels on mechanical and sound building technologies be used resulting in the school roof and through building integrated electrical engineer- operational cost savings for the School District solar glass panes. Though these and other fea- ing consulting firm through energy, water and operational efficiencies tures, the building will become a living textbook specializing in green and better performance of students and staff from as students will monitor and analyze building sys- buildings and sus- improved indoor air quality. tems as part of their learning process. tainable design. The The School of the Future has many unique fea- firm has offices in The School of the Future serves as an outstanding tures. A system is in place that collects rainwater Stamford, CT; New example that “high tech” commands “high per- from various roofs, and gravity feeds it into a York, NY; Princeton, formance. The School District of Philadelphia is to 30,000 gallon underground tank. This rain water NJ; Philadelphia, PA be commended for creating this vision that will be is then pumped back up to the school to be used and Arlington, VA. modeled around the country. for flushing toilets and urinals. This combined with other water efficient design is predicted to DVGBC-at-a-Glance (as of October 2006) Members 312 402 LEED AP’s 485 525 Certified Projects 10 17 Registered Projects 45 60 DVGBC Website Hits Per Month 4,500 The Microsoft School of the Future, designed by the Prisco Group to be built in Fairmount 5,886 Park, is a high performance green school. The School District of Philadelphia anticipates Spring 2006 cost savings through energy, water and operational efficiencies and better performance Fall 2006 of students and staff from improved indoor air quality.