Portfolio of Work - Katharina Kotte


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This is a quick snapshot of some of the projects that I\'ve worked on.

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Portfolio of Work - Katharina Kotte

  1. 1. Portfolio of Work - Katharina Kotte Direct Marketing Digital Marketing Event Management Budgeting & Planning Online Marketing Project Management Marketing Collateral Brand Management Campaign Evaluation Membership Management Sponsorship Proposals Market Research Staff Training Updated: 11 Oct 09
  2. 2. Direct Marketing Direct Mail E-mail Customer Surveys CRM Management Press Releases | Articles Telemarketing Directories katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 2
  3. 3. Direct Mail Direct Marketing Campaign - Business Matters Guide Sales Letter promoting Business Matters Guide Business Matters Guide ‘27 STEPS TO UNLOCK THE POWER OF PERSONALISED PRINTING’ is a lead generation tool promoted as free essentials guide to educated businesses on digital printing and how to incorporate personalised printing into their marketing mix to target customers most effectively. I developed the concept and coordinated the design, print and deployment of this guide into selected areas. katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 3
  4. 4. Online Elements Direct Marketing Campaign - Personalised Printing Interactive Main Homepage Banner Webpage These online elements form part of the direct mail campaign promoting the creative possibilities of personalised printing and target marketing. A choice of direct mailers, with recipient’s name forming part of the design, were sent out. Various ‘personalised printing’ templates were created and could be viewed online. These templates suggest possible applications and formed part of the support material for Worldwide Centres to use. katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 4
  5. 5. Direct Mail DL - Cup of Tea Direct Marketing Campaign - Personalised Printing DL Flyer Front DL Flyer Back katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 5
  6. 6. Direct Mail DL - Things to do Direct Marketing Campaign - Personalised Printing DL Flyer Front DL Flyer Back katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 6
  7. 7. DL Template Library Direct Marketing Campaign - Personalised Printing katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 7
  8. 8. Event Management Community Events Exhibition Stands Private Functions Gala Dinners VIP Sales Events Seminars Workshops Team-building Events Staff Functions Road Shows Opening Nights Award Presentations Festivals katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 8
  9. 9. Community Events Event Management Jazz-Festival Magdeburg Germany Once a year, all residents of Magdeburg are invited to experience a festival featur- ing New Orleans music free of charge on the last Saturday in June. Since 1995, under the motto “New Or- leans meets Magdeburg,” MCS has been utilizing five groups plus a street band to tell a new musical story each year about New Orleans music. From Dixieland to Blues to Rhythm & Blues. Year: 2001 & 2002 Attendance: 15,000 Responsibilities: Developing musical concept, booking of artists, signage placements, council approvals, coordinating staging, security and artists on event day katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 9
  10. 10. Private Functions Event Management Dregis Team party Germany With the objective of enabling the staff to get to know one another better, a team party was designed, organised and conducted. The event featured team- fostering activities for newly established DREGIS GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dresdner Bank. Year: 2000 Attendance: 400 Responsibilities: Developing event concept, booking of artists, equipment and catering, signage placement, coordinating staging, staffing and AV katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 10
  11. 11. VIP / SALES EVENTS Event Management KINTANA VIP EXPO 2000 Tour / VW Autostadt Wolfsburg Germany Designed and organized a highly successful, two-day VIP tour in Hanover and Wolfsburg for KINTANA that involved 30 international managers. The EXPO 2000 and the “Autostadt” Wolfsburg was used as a platform for profiling KINTANA GmbH among its selected customers and prospects, part- ners and opinion leaders. Focus was customer loyalty for key partners and opinion leaders. Key accounts were able to be established and relationship with customers and prospects was strengthened. Year: 2000 Attendance: 30 Responsibilities: Developing event concept, booking of hotels, VIP tours, transport, restaurants, catering, staffing and monitoring VIP wellbeing katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 11
  12. 12. Online Marketing Website Development Banner Advertising E-Newsletters Content Management Video Infomercials Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Marketing Paid Search Internet Statistics & Reporting katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 12
  13. 13. Website Development Online Marketing Website Launch Worldwide Online Printing Launch of new corporate website corresponding with the append- ing re-brand. In the course of 6 months. 250 pages of SEO content was written, a custom CMS build with key functionality of lead generation forms with easy data collection, page meta-tags, 85 customised Franchise’ Centre sites with pass- word protected interface. Implementation of Marketing Centre as campaign resource library. Launch: March 2008 Responsibilities: Developing concept and structure, research of SEO key-phrases, copywriting, development of customer tools, coordinating designer, website developers, Training of staff and Franchises to use CMS to update Microsites. Results: Increased website hits, sales leads, amount of time spent on the website, pages viewed per visit & return visitors. Decreased bounce rates/ katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 13
  14. 14. Website Development Online Marketing Website Launch Virtual Medical Centre Launch of new public website with special interface for doctors and health care specialists. Integration of Video Infomercials and blogging capabilities. Membership area and sign-up function linked to CRM. New search function enabling fast access to research material and information Launch: July 2007 Responsibilities: Developing concept, structure & colour schemes; ensuring deadlines are clearly communicated, facilitate regular meetings to ensure on-time launch Results: Increased website hits, sales leads, amount of time spent on the website, pages viewed per visit & return visitors. Decreased bounce rates/ katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 14
  15. 15. E-Newsletters Online Marketing E-Newsletters Development | Distribution | Analysis National E-Blast Results - June Emails opened: Campaign date: 9th June 2009 Emails bounced: Emails not opened: Emails opened 20% Participating Centres: 67 Total Emails sent: 50,121 Emails opened: 10,800 21.5% Emails bounced 14% Emails bounced: 7,852 15.7% Emails not opened: 39,321 78.5% Not opened 66% Click through %: 1,616 3.2% Unsubscribed: 452 0.009 Summary: Snapshot of June E-Blast The uptake of the June national e-Blast was great with over 80% network participation. On average the e-Blast was sent to 750 customers per Centre achieving a good opening rate of 21.5%. The bounce rate of 15.7% is very high. Regular e-campaigns usually come under 5%. We encourage Centres to submit checked and clean databases generating more leverage from this national marketing activity. The result of the click through percentage of 3.2% has improved compared to the first E-Blast sent in April (1.92%). Providing clean contacts will result in a greater opening rate bumping up website hits. Website Results: A significant spike in website traffic was recorded on the day the e-Blast went out, 9th of June. The article "How to Sell Anything - Including Bacteria!" generated the most interest with over 615 pageviews. There was no noticable change in the numbers of quotes requested as a result of this e-Blast. www.marketingdepartment.net.au/worldwide/national/seenours.html g Responsibilities: Develop concept, manage content, design, distribution, e-newsletter, evaluate campaign and coordinate reporting katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 15
  16. 16. Interactive Media Online Marketing Video Infomercials Interactive Webpage Banners Virtual Medical Centre Worldwide Online Printing - Green Campaign I coordinated a Road show for the recording of over 30 video infomercials on Various interactive banners and website health related topics. Responsibilities included concept development, managing animations were created for the launch recording schedules, scripts, flights & accommodation, booking meeting rooms, of the environmental product range as video crew, technical equipment and catering. per concept that I had developed and directions given to the designer. katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 16
  17. 17. Marketing Collateral Print Documents Radio Advertising Outdoor Banner Advertising Product Brochures Membership Magazine Internal Newspaper katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 17
  18. 18. Print Documents Marketing Collateral Consult - Membership Magazine Product & Services Guide 2 sided Tent Calendar Virtual Medical Centre Worldwide Online Printing Worldwide Online Printing Consult Magazine is written by The Worldwide Product & Services 2 sided Worldwide Calendar with Specialists and GPs for Australian Guide is an annual publication Corporate Christmas Card to use as health professionals. promoting the standard range of sample and give-away item to products and services. corporate clients. I coordinated the content, design, sale of advertising space, print and I coordinated the content, design, I coordinated the design, print, distribution of this membership print, distribution and marketing col- distribution and marketing collateral magazine. lateral promoting the new guide. supporting new product launch. 12,000 copies/edition 60,000 copies printed 35,000 copies printed katharina_kotte@msn.com Katharina Kotte 18