Australian Money


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Australian Money

  1. 1. Australian Money by 2KM and 2KJ
  2. 2. Facts • Our currency is called dollars and cents. • 100 cents = one dollar. • This decimal currency replaced pounds, shillings and pence in 1966. • We have a five cent coin, ten cent coin, twenty cent coin, fifty cent coin, one dollar coin, two dollar coin, five dollar note, ten dollar note, twenty dollar note, fifty dollar note and one hundred dollar note. • We were the first country in the world to have polymer (plastic) banknotes which came out in 1988.
  3. 3. THE FIVE CENT COIN Queen Elizabeth II and echidna
  4. 4. FACT The echidna (sometimes called spiny anteater) is one of two of the world’s only egg-laying mammals.
  5. 5. THE TEN CENT COIN Queen Elizabeth II and lyrebird
  6. 6. FACT A clever mimic, the lyrebird lives the dense, damp forests of Australia’s eastern coast.
  7. 7. THE TWENTY CENT COIN Queen Elizabeth II and platypus
  8. 8. FACT A platypus is one of only two egg- laying mammals in the world. It has webbed feet and a duck-like bill that it uses to hunt for food along the bottom of streams and rivers.
  9. 9. THE FIFTY CENT COIN Queen Elizabeth II and Coat of Arms
  10. 10. FACT Australia’s coat of arms: the six state badges on a central shield supported by a kangaroo and an emu, with a background of Mitchell grass.
  11. 11. THE ONE DOLLAR COIN Queen Elizabeth II and kangaroos
  12. 12. FACT The $1 coin replaced the one dollar note in 1984. There are five kangaroos on the $1 coin.
  13. 13. THE TWO DOLLAR COIN Queen Elizabeth II and Aboriginal elder
  14. 14. FACT The $2 coin replaced the two dollar note in 1988. The coin has an image of an Aboriginal tribal elder set against a background of the Southern Cross (star constellation) and native grasstrees.
  15. 15. THE FIVE DOLLAR NOTE Queen Elizabeth II and Parliament House
  16. 16. FACT Parliament House is in Canberra – Australia’s capital city.
  17. 17. THE TEN DOLLAR NOTE Queen Elizabeth II and poets AB ‘Banjo’ Paterson and Dame Mary Gilmore
  18. 18. FACT The ten dollar note includes micro- printed excerpts of Paterson’s and Gilmore’s work.
  19. 19. THE TWENTY DOLLAR NOTE Queen Elizabeth II, Reverend John Flynn and Mary Reibey
  20. 20. FACT The Reverend John Flynn (1880–1951) founded the world’s first flying medical service (the Royal Flying Doctor Service). Mary Reibey (1777–1855) arrived in Australia as a convict in 1792 and went on to become a successful businesswoman.
  21. 21. THE FIFTY DOLLAR NOTE Queen Elizabeth II, David Unaipon and Edith Cowan.
  22. 22. FACT David Unaipon (1872–1967) was an Aboriginal writer and inventor. Edith Cowan (1861–1932) was the first female member of parliament in Australia.
  23. 23. THE ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR NOTE Queen Elizabeth II, Dame Nellie Melba and Sir John Monash.
  24. 24. FACT Dame Nellie Melba (1861–1931) was a world famous opera singer. General Sir John Monash (1865– 1931) was a soldier and engineer.