Maternal Instinct Capabilities


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Who we are + what we do.

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Maternal Instinct Capabilities

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Who are we? <br />5 women – all moms – plus occasional pinch-hitters with deep expertise in marketing to moms. <br />We are big agency talent at small agency prices. <br />•Kat Gordon, Founder/Creative Director<br />•Allyson Appen, Creative Director<br />•Zuzy Martin Lynch, Account Executive<br />•Rebecca Gaspar, Copywriter<br />•Jordan Schaefer, Public Relations<br />
  3. 3. Who we work with<br />As a small business catering largely to moms, we found the Brand Audit an outstanding tool as we redesign our marketing materials, update our website, establish our online presence, reposition our advertising, and help us effectively communicate our story to moms. Maternal Instinct really knows their stuff and were a pleasure to work with.<br />– Don Whipple, Mountain Camp <br />
  4. 4. What we do<br />The ordinary <br />Branding, naming, strategy, positioning, advertising, direct mail, focus grouping and idea generation. <br />The extraordinary <br />Our signature product – the MBA Program – stands for Mom Brand Audit. It’s  a deep dive into every marketing tentacle you’ve got – website, emails, brochure, direct mail, social media – with an eye towards mom-friendliness. <br />We organize our findings into a highly usable document, grouped into 3 sections: Quick Wins, Elbow-Grease Efforts,and Swing for the Fences. Clients love having a roadmap for making their business more female-friendly, knowing that “the 50% of their budget that’s wasted is the half that’s doesn’t appeal to women.” (~Bridget Brennan)<br />
  5. 5. 6 ways we’re different<br />We have a singular focus. <br />Notice we didn’t say “niche.” Calling a $13.1 trillion global market a niche just doesn’t seem right. We live and breathe moms – an incredibly lucrative and vastly misunderstood market – every day of the year. We don’t have a “marketing to women” arm – we’re the whole body. <br />We have “women radar.” <br />Our collective experience of working on accounts targeting women totals over 50 years and includes dozens of household brand names. This means our hunches are a little savvier and our trend-watching eye is a little keener.<br />1<br />2<br />
  6. 6. 6 ways we’re different<br />We are problem solvers. <br />Our greatest value is not when a client says “do this” but rather “fix this.” We look at what you’re trying to accomplish and work backwards from there. The result? You might not end up with the brochure you thought you needed, but you’ll end up with the something far better: success. <br />We play well with others. <br />We happily partner with other agencies in pitches for mom businesses. And pair with internal client teams that are overburdened or understaffed. Whatever works. As Harry Truman famously remarked: “It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.”<br />3<br />4<br />
  7. 7. 6 ways we’re different<br />We give back. <br />We donate our time to pro-bono causes including The American Himalayan Foundation, Bring Me a Book Foundation, Embrace Global, Fresh Lifelines for Youth, Junior League, Meals on Wheels, and Read Across America.<br />We come bearing gifts. <br />We bring freshly baked cookies and milk to every creative presentation. What’s your favorite flavor?<br />5<br />6<br />
  8. 8. Contact us<br />650.473.1818<br /><br />