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Blog task 2


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Blog task 2

  2. 2. GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE This image shows the poster for the film ‘George Lucas in Love’. The colours used teaned with the characters on the front give the interpretation it is an old film. I can identify this because of the characters clothing and hairstyles. Also only one colour is used for the background ad throughout the image. The font-type is simple and rather uncreative which also gives the indication the film is not modern as the poster is not very creative in terms of design. The film appears to be categorized within the sci-fi/ action genre.
  3. 3. GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE The film ‘George Lucas in Love’ is a spoof film who’s film poster is based on a mixture of ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘Star Wars’. The poster emphasises the emotions within the poster for ‘Shakespeare in Love’ whilst using s ski-fi imagery similar to that of Star Wars.
  4. 4. I’M HERE This is a poster for the film ‘I’m Here’. The image shows two people, presumably a boy and a girl, sat on a slope with masks over their faces. The body language of the pair gives the interpretation that they are sad a they are slouched over and are facing the floor. Maybe ‘I’m Here’ is a way of expressing that they feel they have masks on and are not recognized, so the image works together with the film title. We know this is in the category of a romantic genre because the poster tells us ‘A love story in an absolut world’.
  5. 5. I’M HERE Little Miss Sunshine is a film similar to ‘I’m Here’. It is a romantic comedy.
  6. 6. ACROSS THE HALL This image shows the poster for the film ‘Across the Hall’. The genre appears to be an action film as there is a lot going on in the picture. This film poster appeals to its audience because it uses the main actors faces on the cover.
  7. 7. ACROSS THE HALL This is a picture of the poster made for the short film ‘Across the Hall’. Across the hall was firstly made as a short film but was then produced in Hollywood as a movie. This film poster is straight to the point and shows exactly what the movie is about whereas the Hollywood film poster uses the main actors on its cover to interest the viewer.
  8. 8. (FILM GENRES) -ROMANCE The notebook is an example of a Romance film genre. This image is typical of a romantic film as it shows the two characters that are in love looking into each others eyes and being passionate. The main focus of the film is following the pairs love story therefore this is the main focus on the poster.
  9. 9. (FILM GENRES) -HORROR Here is a typical horror film poster. It uses dark, faded imagery to create an ery effect. There are no definite lines that outline the face and it looks very smudged which could connote blood. The image is almost dirty looking as it uses dark and ‘mucky’ colours.
  10. 10. (FILM GENRES) -ACTION This is a very typical image for a spy/action film. It uses the main character (James Bond) as the main focus. We can see he is holding a gun in his hand which he would often use in the film. Also there is a girl in the background looking at him. This is also typical of an action film because there is usually a girl in love with the main action character who is usually of high class.
  11. 11. (FILM GENRES) -COMEDY Here is the official film poster for the popular comedy film ‘The Hangover’. To exaggerate the comedy side of the film its main features are presented on the image. For example in the film the man on the left is portrayed as child like and irresponsible yet he is carrying a child and his body language looks serious. This adds to the humour as the child isn’t his, and he infact is not a serious character.
  12. 12. (FILM GENRES) -SCI-FI Star wars was the film production to design the now ‘typical’ image of sci- fi films across the world. We can see the edited and airbrushed faces of the people on the cover. Also the weapons they use are held in their hands and their space ships to exaggerate what the movie is based upon.