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Easy to use tool for tracking and reviewing daily accomplishments. Online journal. review from

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  1. 1. Cool Tool TimeSharing Stuff that Works for You
  2. 2. A Journaling ToolIntroducing –
  3. 3. A Journaling ToolTrack accomplishments Personal Group/Team
  4. 4. Benefits• Easy tracking of activities or accomplishments• Personal or group logs• Shareable or private• Post any text to it. Even use to document phone calls and meetings.• No apps to install• Nothing to backup• 24x365 availability
  5. 5. Group or Personal
  6. 6. Daily Email Reminders
  7. 7. Share Accomplishments
  8. 8. How I Use It – Email Reminder I receive a daily reminder to update my personal IDoneThis journal.
  9. 9. The email reminder shows what you did in Yesterday’s Log
  10. 10. As well as a Month Ago
  11. 11. Just Reply to the Email Reminder
  12. 12. View Online Calendar Review by day or month Make updates
  13. 13. Login From the Website
  14. 14. View/Review From the Website
  15. 15. Review Details of the Day
  16. 16. View, Update or Edit Daily Logs
  17. 17. - RatesTotally free for personal use$3/person per month for team journaling
  18. 18. This Tool Time Moment Presented by PLRPUMP.COM!