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Easy to use tool for tracking and reviewing daily accomplishments. Online journal. review from

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  • Cool Tool Time with Kater from
  • I have a tool to share with everyone. It is free, easy to use and helpful for tracking accomplishments. I like it because I don't like to write things by hand. I write my morning affirmations out by hand, but I use this tool to track daily accomplishments. The tool is called IDoneThis and is found at
  • I use it to track daily accomplishments, but it is also available for teams to log activities and accomplishments. If your business has employees or team members you can even use this it to give you an update on daily, weekly and monthly accomplishments. In both instances, the logs can be shared or remain private.
  • Benefits include:Easy tracking of activities or accomplishmentsPersonal or Group logsShareable or PrivatePost any text to it. Even use to document phone calls and meetings.No apps to installNothing to backup24x365 availabilityI can see where using it to document meeting notes would be very helpful and you always have log of that meeting.
  • This screen shot shows the view of a team journal with entries for each team member.
  • You set it up with an email address you use regularly. Don’t set up with a junk email account because the tool sends you a daily reminder to update your IDoneThis log. You just reply to the reminder email and it updates the online calendar automatically.
  • If you wish, you can set it up to share accomplishments through a secret link you share with friend, team mates or family, whoever.
  • I use the personal version. This is the screenshot of the reminder I received. My reminders arrive each day Monday through Sunday between 6 and 7 PM.
  • When you open the reminder you see the previous day’s entry.
  • Scroll down and you’ll see what you did a month ago.
  • To update your IDoneThis journal, just click reply on the message, enter your accomplishments, and send it. The tool automagically updates your online calendar.
  • You can review the journal entries via the online calendar. You can also make update to it from the online calendar instead of by email.
  • Login form
  • Update or Edit daily logsView older entries.
  • ratesFree for personal use$3/person per month for team journaling
  • - Cool Tool Time from

    1. 1. Cool Tool TimeSharing Stuff that Works for You
    2. 2. A Journaling ToolIntroducing –
    3. 3. A Journaling ToolTrack accomplishments Personal Group/Team
    4. 4. Benefits• Easy tracking of activities or accomplishments• Personal or group logs• Shareable or private• Post any text to it. Even use to document phone calls and meetings.• No apps to install• Nothing to backup• 24x365 availability
    5. 5. Group or Personal
    6. 6. Daily Email Reminders
    7. 7. Share Accomplishments
    8. 8. How I Use It – Email Reminder I receive a daily reminder to update my personal IDoneThis journal.
    9. 9. The email reminder shows what you did in Yesterday’s Log
    10. 10. As well as a Month Ago
    11. 11. Just Reply to the Email Reminder
    12. 12. View Online Calendar Review by day or month Make updates
    13. 13. Login From the Website
    14. 14. View/Review From the Website
    15. 15. Review Details of the Day
    16. 16. View, Update or Edit Daily Logs
    17. 17. - RatesTotally free for personal use$3/person per month for team journaling
    18. 18. This Tool Time Moment Presented by PLRPUMP.COM!