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Traditional food


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christmas dishes

Published in: Education
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Traditional food

  1. 1. Traditional Christmas food in Greece In Greece Christmas is one of the most important celebrations. The period of Christmas in Greece are prepared and consumed in particular foods and pastries, coming through customs, traditions and way of life and survival in previous years, even with symbolic importance. Let’s see some. 1)"Babo" is pork with plenty herbs and spices, which is slowly cooked during the night, so as to be ready and warm in the morning, after the mass of Christmas.
  2. 2. 2)In Central Greece on the day of the celebration people eat turkey with various kinds of stuffing. 3)Pies are popular and you will always find them on the Christmas table.
  3. 3. 4)The New Year Cake. We eat it with the change of the year. We hide a coin in the cake. The person who finds it is said to have good luck for the new year. 5)Kourabiedes are small ‘’cookies’’ with caster sugar on them