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Odysseus Elytis: Axion esti, Genesis III

a presentation of an excerpt from the poem of Odysseus Elytis Axion Esti, Genesis III, referring to the creation of Greece with poet's collages and photos by Katerina Prokopiou

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Odysseus Elytis: Axion esti, Genesis III

  1. 1. Οδυσσέας Ελύτης ΑΞΙΟΝ ΕΣΤΙ Odysseus Elytis AXION ESTI (Worthy It Is) Κατερίνα Προκοπίου
  2. 2. Then he spoke and the sea was born and I gazed at upon it and marvelled
  3. 3. Και στη μέση της έσπειρε κόσμους μικρούς κατ' εικόνα και ομοίωσή μου: In its heart he sowed little worlds in my image and likeness:
  4. 4. Horses of stone with manes erect and tranquil amphorae and the slanting backs of dolphins Ios, Sikinos, Serifos, Milos “Each word a winged swallow to bring you spring in the midst of summer” he said
  5. 5. And ample the olive trees to sift the light through their fingers that it may spread gently over your sleep and ample the cicadas which you will feel no more than you feel the pulse inside your wrist
  6. 6. But scarce the water so that you hold it a God and understand the meaning of its voice
  7. 7. And the tree alone no flock beneath it so that you take it for a friend and know its precious name
  8. 8. Sparse the earth beneath your feet so that you have no room to spread your roots and keep reaching down in depth
  9. 9. and broad the sky above so that you read the infinite on your own
  10. 10. THIS WORLD This small, this great world!