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Iypf chronicle jan_2013_a1

  1. 1. JANUARY 2013Welcome to 2013!Every 365.26 days weget an opportunity tolook at our lives from The Chroniclea brand-new vantage I N T E R N A T I O N A L Y O U N G P R O F E S S I O N A L S . . .point, and a fresh plat-form to grow new UN Envoy on Youth Appointed . .ideas, to turn overnew leaves, to ferti-lize old dreams, and tolook at the worldafresh with all its many The United Nations Secretary regional and internationalpossibilities Spread -General Ban Ki-moon has level,” the spokesperson con-your wings once more appointed Ahmad Alhindawi tinued.and soar towards the of Jordan as his Envoy onhighest mountains; Youth, a spokesperson for According to the media note,explore the doors and the world body’s chief said since December 2012, Mr. today. Alhindawi – who was born inwindows that are 1984 – has been Team Lead-opening before you. “The Secretary-General in his er at a World Bank-fundedHappy New Year! Five-Year Action Agenda programme to the League of identified ‘Working with and Arab States on InstitutionalThe IYPF Family for Women and Young Peo- Development to Strengtheniypf@iypf.org ple’ as one of his top priori- Arab Policy and Participation. ties, the spokesperson added the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in a note to the media. “In Prior to this, he served as the and as an Emergency Program Of-IN THIS ISSUE: this context, the Envoy on Youth Policy Advisor in the ficer at the non governmental organi-IYPF Welcomes New 2 Youth will work to address League of Arab States in Cai- zation Save the Children. As a re-Directors: Imran & the needs of the largest gen- ro and as an officer in the gional consultant, he has also sup-Rassel eration of youth the world Technical Secretariat of the ported the Danish Youth Councils has ever known.” Arab Youth and Sports Minis- projects in the Middle East andThe Economist 3 ters Council, between 2009 North Africa.Online MBA Fair “Mr. Alhindawi is a strong and 2012. Past experienceWorldwide Journal 4 youth advocate and brings to also includes serving as a In addition, as part of his voluntaryon Youth Employ- this position extensive Team Leader for the National work, Mr. Alhindawi was among thement knowledge of and Youth Policy Pro- co-founders of the All Jordan Youth commitment to ject in Iraq, a Youth Commission, and co-founded andGlobal Youth Service 5 working on youth Program Associate headed the Youth for DemocracyDay Grants issues at the local, at the Iraq office of Network at the Jordanian Commis-The Big Crew 6Change: ManzoorRoome,Opportunity Knocks 7 Post 2015 Development Agenda - Comment!Leveraging the IYPF endorses the e- young people in their day to Your recommendations emergingstrengths we know consultation on Youth and day lives are tackled and en- from the contributions will be incor- 8 porated into a report on ‘Addressingwe have instead of Inequalities in the #Post2015 shrined in the Agenda. Any- development Agenda and thing from very grassroot Inequalities in the Post-2015 Devel-worrying about the invites members and friends experiences to abstract inter- opment Agenda’, to be presented atadvantages we think to submit their opinions on national proposals may be put a high-level meeting in February 2013others have. Alex T. this Agenda. Particularly wel- forward. in Copenhagen. The report will alsoWe Made It! 9 comed are suggestions and be transmitted to the High-level Pan- strategies that will ensure 1. Register! Join in! el on Post-2015, appointed by the inequalities affecting children 2. Share your Comments! UN Secretary-General. 
  2. 2. PAGE 2 IYPF Welcomes New Directors . . . Imran . . as a young trainer. Imran has lead the national advo- cacy campaign for inclusion of sexual and reproductive joined the IYPF Board in January health and rights in youth 2013. He will serve for a two year policy in Pakistan. He is theHe briefed term. founder of a youth led initi-the gov- ative called Youth and Gen- Imran has 4 years of experience inernment der Development Net- non-profit sector, and holds a Mas-officials work, where he is closely ter’s degree in Gender Studies from working with Governmentand all the Quaid-i-Azam University. In 2007, he Youth Development De- was nominated by the Ministry ofstakehold- partment and has written Youth Affairs Islamabad and won theers on the the first draft of a youth first National Youth Award in com- policy in declaration in Bal-draft youth munity services. An established ex- ochistan. He briefed gov-policy . . . pert on gender issues and advocate ernment officials and all the for youth engagement, Imran led a stakeholders on the draft session in World Youth Conference youth policy in April 2012. Mexico; spoke on meaningful youth “To catch the readers attention, place an Imran was also recently interesting sentence or quote from the story participation in Kenya 2010; and was selected to participate in here.” selected as youth speaker in interna- the Atlantic Councils pres- tional conference on family planning tigious Emerging Leaders of in Dakar Senegal 2011. He is a gradu- Pakistan Fellowship pro- ate of Meherghar’s 2 months human gram. rights training course, and also worked with UNFPA youth assembly Between then and now he has Rassel . . 19, Rassel embarked on a life long journey inspired by strong convictions and pas- always joined the IYPF Board in as an Inter- sion to meaningfully con- proven be- tribute towards the global im Director in September 2012 and yond any a full Director in 2013. He will serve goal aimed at improving reasonable for a two year term. social justice for all of hu- doubt . . . . manity. Between then and Rassel Chisango is a creative and now he has always proven humble Social Entrepreneur with a beyond any reasonable traceable track record. He is a com- doubt that he is indeed an mitted development Project Planning action and results oriented and Management Practitioner and a civil society devotee with trendsetting trailblazing civil society amazing team building and leadership Philosopher. He is the working abilities. His com- founder member and President of mitment to social justice RYO aka The Royal Fam which is an has seen him leading activi- empowerment for sustainable devel- ties, projects and or pro- opment organisation which primarily grams endorsed by a wide creates opportunities for individual range of national, regional empowerment, community strength- and global development ening and generational development . institutions including the Since 2002 at the age of National AIDS Council THE CHRONICLE
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL PAGE 3Council(NAC-Zimbabwe), Zim- development vision, sealing hisbabwe Youth Council, Volun- role model status. As a filmtary Services Overseas (VSO- artist he has this far fea-RAISA), HIV and AIDS Net- tured prominently inworks, The Global Youth, Unit- flagship projects pro-ed Nations agencies (including duced for the UNFPA,UNAIDS, UNV and UNDP), UKAID, USAID, PSIInternational Young Profession- among others. He isals Foundation, Faith Leaders currently working on aand groups, Oxfam Australia as uniquely adventurousan Oxfam International Youth self titled TV ShowPartner among many other called “The Rassel 360°acknowledged grassroots, na- Show”. With such a re-tional and or global develop- markably rich and rele-ment accomplishments. He is vant background Rasselalso a rising film star inspired to joins the IYPF Board atis Sign up nowuse his invaluable personality to critical stage of its jour- for your chanceaccomplish his socio-economic ney. .....the rest is history!! to win a free iPad when you visit 5 or more school booths on February 6th, 7th and 9th.Take the next step in your watch on-demand videosMBA journey by connecting Meet MBA admissionswith dozens of business schools officers from pro-around the world. Here are the grams around thetop 4 reasons you should at- world at this free onlinetend the Which MBA? Online fair. Chat with alumni, joinFair: webinars, watch videos and download resources.1. Talk to admissions officersand get immediate answers. What are you waiting2. Get all the information you for? Sign up or Learnneed in one place, at one time. More3. Find out which schools areright for you. Register FREE today4. Engage with live webinars, or to save your spot:
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL PAGE 4 Worldwide Journal On Youth Employment . . . IYPF co-produces the Worldwide Journal on Youth Employment Youth unemployment remains a major challenge for young peo- ple all over the world; the In- ternational Labour Organization (ILO) in its recent report re- ported that the global unem- ployment rate for young people had risen to its highest record- ed level. Furthermore, the issue continues to be one of major constraints to attain MDGs by the year 2015. Unemployment is not an evil itself; however, it comes along with the serious psychological, social, economic “ Are U eager and health conse- quences as it isto write for the well documented in various studies.journal? Do you Different re- want to help searches show that prolongedwith distribution exposure to un- employment is policies can play in tackling this contemporary alarming issue. only Worldwide Journal on Youth Employment. The Inter- associated with national Young Professionalsworldwide? The higher future un- The root causes hindering both Foundation was among the very employment and public and private sectors to first partners that embarked onfirst edition will lower wages. In establish more effective, com- the incentive launched originally addition, in their petitive and efficient policies by Mr. Aloys NTEZIMANA, abe published in study, Nilsen and and taking realistic and prag- former UN Youth Delegate of Reiso (2011) find matic measures; is sharing of Rwanda and Chief Executive Feb2013. that unemploy- best practices. On the other Officer of the Global Self Em- ment leaves young hand, youth are less informed ployed Youth Organization Contribute! workers with long about policies regarding their (GSEYO). term scars that welfare, resulting in less partici-Contact IYPF 4 take time to de- pation and their influence in Each month one thematic issue crease, therefore, decision making processes. will be addressed in the Journal. Mo Info, this can be de- Volunteers from co-producing fined as loss of Acknowledging the importance organizations will liaise with Thank U!” human capital. of youth (un)employement different stakeholders and While conse- globally, over 40 organizations youth groups/individuals in or- quences of youth from 32countries (including der to find exact infor- unemployment has become local, regional and international mation about the best spectacle in all corners of the youth led organizations, Nation- practices from different world, no one can ignore the al Youth councils, and different countries that can be role and impact that more ef- youth volunteers) have joined shared with the rest of fective, competitive and efficient forces to produce the one and the world.
  5. 5. INTERNATIONAL PAGE 5 IYPFBeing the Regional Coordinator dia will review the submissions in/consisting of members from officiallyfor two regions of the world: to select the mini-grant win Western Balkans, Belarus, Cote launches two1. North Africa/Middle East ners. REMARK FROM THE dIvoire, Democratic Republic regional of the Congo, Iraq, Liberia2. Latin America & the Caribbe- DONOR: As the funding to be (Former Regime of Charles Global Youthan disbursed by IYPF originates from the United States of Taylor), Persons Undermining Service Daythe IYPF seeks to sub-contract America, there is a restriction the Sovereignty of Lebanon ororganizations that would re- to distributing any financial re- Its Democratic Processes and Institutions, Libya, North Ko- Mini Grantceive mini-grants (amounting up sources to organizations seatedto a total of USD 4000 per re- in a list of country, or organiza- rea, Somalia and Zimbabwe as Competitionsgion). The grantees shall ex- tions whose members are citi- well as other programs target-penditure the funds to develop zens of the states in a the list. ing individuals and entities locat-regional activities, both in social ed around the world. Those Deadline:media and on-spot, that pro- No grants are available for programs currently relate to 15th Febmote the 2013 edition of the organizations seated in/ foreign narcotics traffickers,Global Youth Service Day (26- consisting of members from foreign terrorists, transnational 201328 April). Along with the mone- Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, criminal organizations, andtary award, the coalition of Sudan, and Syria. Additional WMD proliferators.grant holders will also benefit scrutiny will be performed withtraining and capacity building regards to organizations seatedthrough webinars (online semi-nars). Additionally, they will beactively networking with peerorganizations around the globe,receive regular updates aboutnew grants, tools, partnerships,and other helpful resources fordistribution to regional affili-ates/members.The deadline to cast an applica-tion through the IYPF website(see section IYPF opportunities)is 15 February 2013 at the lat-est. An international jury com-posed of IYPF Directors, Re-gional Facilitators, fellow inter-national organizations and me-
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL PAGE 6The Big CrewCChange . . .The world needs energy, and attractive career opportunities "Young talent, knowledge and per-this energy is supplied mainly by in the field. spectives are vital for the worldthe international oil&gas indus- to solve our future energy chal- “ Young talent,try. However, about 50% of the In order to rectify the situation lenge," said WPC President Dr.oil & gas industry’s skilled pro- and prepare the youth to take Randy Gossen when launching knowledgefessionals will retire within the up the complex challenges of the youth initiative in Decem-next 5 years and this figure will the industry, senior persons of ber 2007. andgrow significantly by 2018. The the industry have taken severaloil & gas industry refers to this initiatives. The most striking Young people also tend to give perspectivesglobal phenomenon as “the big examples are those that en- a lot of importance to the inte- gration of green energy sources are vital forcrew change”, replacing an ag- courage young people to takeing employee base with young an active role in shaping their in the future energy supply. the world topeople. Consulting firm Booz futures, such as the European Recent surveys conducted inAllen Hamilton states that, Youth Energy and Environment the 20th World Petroleum solve our“there are some 1,700 people Platform of the European Parlia- Congress in Doha, Qatarstudying petroleum engineering ment, the Youth Committee of showed that young profession- future energyin 17 US universities compared the World Petroleum Council als in the industry are highlywith over 11,000 in 34 universi- (WPC) and the youth program interested in finding greener challenge ”ties in 1993.” of the World Energy Council. In solutions to the world’s energy addition, technical societies demands. CEOs of major oil & gasApart from young geologists, such as the Society of Petrole- companies do realize that the indus-geophysicists and engineers the um Engineers (SPE) and the try has to incorporate renewableindustry also needs lawyers, European Association of Geo- sources of energy to satisfy globalhealth specialists, business grad- scientists and Engineers (EAGE) demand. For example, one arena ofuates and a variety of profes- have well integrated youth pro- renewable energy that is of particularsionals. But the oil & gas sector grams in their events across the interest to oil & gas companies ishas suffered from negative pub- globe to encourage students to wind energy. This is because compa-licity in the past and so few present their work. nies already have made huge invest-young people know about the ments in offshore facilities and have
  7. 7. PAGE 7The Big Crew Change [cont.]the technical know-how to jump into harnessing held in Calgary in October this support these initiatives. The at-wind energy from offshore platforms. One such year. In such forums, young lead- mosphere at the youth events iscompany is Dong Energy, based in Denmark, who ers select the key discussion absolutely unique, fresh and ener-owns the largest portfolio of wind farms in north- points, choose the speakers and gizing. They are great experiencesern Europe. The different energy sources are not in interact with their seniors on for young people who are, aftercompetition, but are all complementary. It will be stage at youth events. This means all, our energy leaders of tomor-the new generation´s responsibility to define what that the brightest minds in the oil rowthis future energy mix should look like. & gas industry get the chance toBecause of initiatives across the world, young peo- exchange and discuss their views Manzoor Roomeple working in the oil & gas industry can form a and concerns on the topics of IYPF Regional Facilitatortrue global youth platform. One such initiative is their interest. I would like Middle Eastthe upcoming WPC Youth Forum which will be to invite everyone to attend and * The Friends of IYPF Fundraiser *Opportunity Knocks . . .Dear IYPF Members, Alumni, Friends,You may have noticed that over the last two years IYPF has become very active. However, to continue building and growing,we need additional funds. We are therefore requesting once-off financial donations from all friends of IYPF starting from 15December. Together we aim to raise at least US$3000 (AUD3000) by the 15 th of March 2013, as a critically invaluable compo-nent of our set organisational funding trajectory.The funds will be used for seed funding, debt consolidation and on-going initiatives under direct management by the IYPFBoard . These actions are expected to have great impact on our organizations resource mobilization initiatives which are acritical component of our ultimate strategy aimed at catapulting IYPF into its prime stage.For any further information do not hesitate to contact Rassel Chisango through iypf@iypf.org.Connie Walyaro, Cristian Birzer, Rosen Dimov, Rassel Chisango, Imran KhanThe IYPF Board
  8. 8. PAGE 8Leveraging the strengths we KNOW we have instead ofworrying about the advantages we THINK others have. I drive a 2002 Kia Rio and over the last few member that though we all cause you see others doing it;years I have noticed countless others driving travel on the same roads, we GO OFF ROAD!the same vehicle. Each time I see a Kia Rio, I are all driving to different des-cannot refrain from comparing our cars. Is my tinations with different Finally, because we are all go-car in better shape? Does their car come with starting points and different ing to different places usingpower windows with extra leg room? Although modes of transportation. Like different modes of transporta-I continue to pose these questions upon my- our vehicles, we are unique tion, it does not make sense toself, I am always quick to find reasons as to and come with our own spe- compare ourselves to, or makewhy my car is better than theirs. I have said cial features. The trick is, in- judgments of, other people.things such as, “Their car may be cleaner than stead of focusing on the fea- Think about it. Is a sports carmine, but I just drove across three states to tures we THINK the vehicle better than a Jeep because itsee my grandparents.” Or, “Their car may have next to us has, we should fo- can beat the Jeep in a streetfewer dents, but I have had this car for over cus on identifying our own race? Would the results be theten years now.” There was even a time when I strengths and using them to same if the race took place intold myself that I could have had a better car, our advantage. If we have the desert? Furthermore, tobut I was too mature to waste my hard earned great interpersonal skills we judge another vehicle by itsmoney on such things. However, the real ques- should find ways to leverage exterior is not helpful either.tion is, “Does it make sense to compare our those skills to help us succeed. To think that we are closer tocars? The same thing goes for peo- reaching our destination than ple who are detail oriented, another driver because our carAs we drive down life’s roads it is important to great at connecting people may be cleaner, more expen-recognize that we are all driving different vehi- through social media, strong sive, or is moving faster at thatcles (e.g., Jeeps, sports vehicles, mussel cars, writers, natural problem solv- particular time is naïve. We domotor cycles, etc) with unique special fea- ers, or even great at remem- not know if that car is movingtures. Even if we see a vehicle that looks simi- bering dates and times. If you at full speed or not, how longlar to ours, there is still no way to know what have a Jeep that came with that car has been traveling, iffeatures that vehicle may have. We must re- mud tires, don’t limit yourself that person is just learning to driving on the freeway be- how to drive, or if someone has recently vandalized the car for no reason. The truth is that we just do not know. We do not know what challenges they had to overcome or the setbacks they had to endure. Because we do not know this information, it is safer and smarter not to judge at all. I am very interested in con- necting with you and sharing self development strategies. Please contact me with any questions. Alex Tremble TrembleGPS@gmail.com .
  9. 9. * Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013! * PAGE 9We Made It!Dear Comrades,Welcome to 2013, the International Year of Water Cooperation! This year we wish you allthe very best : Happiness, Good Health, Prosperity, Peace, Love and all of Gods Blessings!We greatly appreciate your continued commitment and contribution to the IYPF Familyand look forward to walking with you once more on the many journeys that will lead usfrom the dawn of January to the dusk of DecemberWe value your support and we are always eager to work with volunteers, young profession-als, experts and world leaders in our many efforts to add to the world’s beauty and enhancethe world’s joy. If you would like to leave your footprint on this planet, why not start here?Visit our Opportunities Pool page for more information on how to get involved in building abetter world.We greatly appreciate your continued commitment, feedback, comments and recommen-dations, please continue to walk and talk with us. Also, frequently visit the website for morenews and updates.Viva IYPF!!