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Social Media: Finding the Reality In 2.0 Expectations


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From the Digital Nashville Education Series event on November 4th, 2009. Discusses how to get beyond the hype and understand a bit deeper what social media is about, where it's going, and how your business can derive value from participating.

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Social Media: Finding the Reality In 2.0 Expectations

  1. 1. Social Media: Finding the Reality in 2.0 Expectations [presented by] Kate O’Neill Founder / CEO, [meta]marketer
  2. 2. Where have we gone wrong?
  3. 3. Crazy Expectations 1. Sign up for Twitter 2. Get followers 3. PROFIT!
  4. 4. How did we get here?
  5. 5. Remember the Pre-Search Web?
  6. 6. Google changed everything.
  7. 7. The Consequences of Google • Emphasis on ranking high in the ‘One True Search’ led to • Emphasis on inbound links at any cost which led to • Creation of web litter, spam sites, bogus articles, spam blog comments, questionable endorsements, an industry of “experts”, etc
  8. 8. The Audacity of Google Facebook
  9. 9. Facebook Is Closing In On Google’s Turf
  10. 10. It’s (Almost) a Post-Search World, Baby • But we’re a changed user base • Bringing the mindset of shady SEO to social media (unfortunately) - manipulate results, rank high, add junk • We’ve got hundreds of “experts” early in the game. Really?
  11. 11. How Many Experts Are There Really? 13,000? 36,000?
  12. 12. It All Comes Around Eventually • Twitter lists take us right back to the manual link-building, curation model • Emphasis on “friendsourcing” vs “crowdsourcing”
  13. 13. How can we make it right?
  14. 14. Make It Meaningful • Relevance is key Always has been, always will be • Be where your audience is • Focus on building relationships • Pay attention to what’s shared in your friend circles
  15. 15. Make It Memorable • Remarkable content is far more likely to get retweeted • Share-able / retweetable - Add to Any / ShareThis links on everything • Remember “friendsourcing”
  16. 16. Make It Measurable • ...or at least try • You can’t optimize what you don’t measure
  17. 17. Measuring Social Media
  18. 18. better control What is your presence online? How are you reaching out? of positioning Social SEO PPC etc Media off-site better control of visitor Who are the customers coming to your site? experience What are they looking for? What are the audiences? usability segmentation analytics studies better control What can be done to reduce on-site of conversion friction in the customer experience? testing targeting
  19. 19. Financing Success Operatons Metrics Your Audience / Management Positioning Business Segments Strategy Your Marketing Strategy Culture Offering Differentiation participation Key Channels Key Audience related blogs / Key RSS feeds Your Concepts Content Strategy Your search Key Keyword term Producers Strategy alerts Key Terms blog contribution schedule style responsiveness / guide support
  20. 20. Traditional Marketing Path Awareness Preference Purchase Loyalty
  21. 21. Social Marketing Path Reach / Goal Exposure / Engagement Influence Awareness Action
  22. 22. Social Marketing Path Select Measures Reach / Performance Exposure / Engagement Influence of Awareness Goal Action Click- Purchase throughs Purchase # of Visits Consideration Duration Attend event # of Visitors Likelihood to Repeat visits Tell a friend Comments Recommend Registration Contact Retweets
  23. 23. And the holy grail: • Social media ROI • One example: • social-media-roi-calculator.htm
  24. 24. What are the Ideal Measures? qualitative - - - - - - quantitative Purchases Clickthroughs Reach Awareness subjective - - - - - - - - - - objective
  25. 25. Top-ranking Metrics Source: Online Community ROI Models and Reporting study,February of 2008
  26. 26. Middle-ranking Metrics Source: Online Community ROI Models and Reporting study,February of 2008
  27. 27. Bottom-ranking Metrics Source: Online Community ROI Models and Reporting study,February of 2008
  28. 28. By Industry Source: Online Community ROI Models and Reporting study,February of 2008
  29. 29. How to Set Up Tracking • You do use an analytics package, right? • Use campaign variables • Link shorteners with integrated analytics (,, urlzen,
  30. 30. Managing Risk in Social Media
  31. 31. Managing Social Media Risk • Social media policies • Viral video and other viral marketing • Considerations for user-generated content • Engaging bloggers and/or writing services • Selecting employees to blog/tweet about company or client’s products or services • Rules for sweepstakes and prize promotions
  32. 32. Follow me? Facebook: Blogs: Email: Twitter: @kateo @metamarketer @corpidealist LinkedIn: