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Highlighters, Candy Bars, & Microphones: A New View of Social Media for HR


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What do you get when a marketing analytics expert and a talent management expert combine their thinking on how social media can work for companies? A holistic philosophy about how to engage your internal and external audiences alike through your social media presence. And somehow, that makes us think about candy bars...

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Highlighters, Candy Bars, & Microphones: A New View of Social Media for HR

  1. 1. Highlighters,Candy Bars, &Microphones: A New View ofSocial Media for HR
  2. 2. Why are a marketer and a HRconsultant standing here together and talking to you about social media? marketer! HR consultant! Kate: @kateo Jen: @waysolutions [m]m: @metamarketer If you’re going to tweet about us, get our good side!
  3. 3. Quick show of hands... @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  4. 4. We focus on amplification.@kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  5. 5. As the price of amplifying a message has decreased, the ability to amplify it has been distributed outside ofCost of Amplification corporate control. Corporate Public Control Control of Message of Message
  6. 6. What is social media’s role in business? @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  7. 7. Is social media a tool being used for you or against you as a company/ employer?• Externally: The way youre presenting yourself online is communicating who you are to your customers and potential customers• Internally: The way youre managing social media policy is communicating who you are to your employees• Are these consistent with your companys values?
  8. 8. Photo credit: flickr user frenchy
  9. 9. The point is... we need alignment. Photo credit: flickr user sida37 @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  10. 10. To get to alignment, you need focus. focus brand, value proposition @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  11. 11. Photo credit: flickr user calevans
  12. 12. How does focus happen?• Ask: “What are the things you could be about?”• Ask: “What are you in the best position to be about?”• State your “about-ness” clearly and loudly• Follow through at every step
  13. 13. Photo credit: flickr user secret_canadian
  14. 14. t me n culturealign employee customer experience experience
  15. 15. Strong companies are good at alignment. @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  16. 16. Alignment means integrity from end to endIt’s quite simple: • You make a promise • And you deliver on that promise.
  17. 17. tion lifica talent customer acquisition acquisition efforts effortsamp
  18. 18. official official message message amplification amplification officially effectiveness of amplification sanctioned messengerscost of amplification Talent Customers message message amplification employees amplification opportunity willing to be opportunity to prospective messengers to prospective talent customers
  19. 19. focus brand, highlighter value proposition t me n candy baralign culture employee customer experience experience tion microphone lifica talent customer acquisition acquisition efforts effortsamp
  20. 20. “This sounds expensive.”The ROI comes from both brand marketing and HR for bothrecruitment and retention costs Talent Customer Acquisition Acquisition Employee Customer Retention Retention @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  21. 21. But it’s difficult to allow freedomin employee social media usage if your culture and employee experience is not in alignment. @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  22. 22. So, is it abouthaving a policy?@kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  23. 23. Message Coordinated, pre-approved messaging vs. ad hoc impromptu commentary/non-sequiturs Pre-determined Impromptu Representation Who has clearance to speak on behalf of the company vs. open commentary Select Few Anyone Distribution of Authorization / Use Using Twitter while logged into official Twitter account vs. tweeting on personal account on company time Centralized Distributed Capacity/Budget How much of any given employees available paid time is allowable for social use None Unlimited Presence Where does the company have an official presence, where do employees have an unofficial presenceNo presence Broad presence
  24. 24. How many of you are tryingto get the C-suite to tweet? @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  25. 25. Surprise! Your CEO is probably not your best messenger.Your regular-Joe employees are. @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  26. 26. Edelman Trust Barometer 2012“Now, more than ever, companies should be looking forways to activate their employees and connect them with customers and the community.”- Christopher Hannegan, Executive Vice President & US Practice Chair, Employee Engagement, Edelman
  27. 27. Surprise! You don’t need to limitsocial media use to work-only. In fact, that may hurt knowledge sharing. @kateo | @metamarketer & @WaySolutions
  28. 28. “...a policy of prohibiting leisure-related blogging can actually hurtthe extent of knowledge creation and sharing within the firm.”• source: “A Structural Model of Employee Behavioral Dynamics in Enterprise Social Media” p.26• Yan Huang School of Information Systems and Management & i-lab, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University• Param Vir Singh Tepper School of Business & i-lab, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University• Anindya Ghose Stern School of Business, New York University & i-lab, Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University• available at
  29. 29. Do the math. Clear focus+ Alignment betweenemployee and customer experience= Less worryabout what is being amplified
  30. 30. Photo credit: flickr user like_the_grand_canyon
  31. 31. Let’s continue the conversation.kate@metamarketer.comKate: @kateo[m]m: @metamarketer Jen: @waysolutions