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GIANT UX Conference: The Meaningfulness Revolution: How the Experience Mindset is Reshaping Marketing


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Slides from Kate O'Neill's presentation at the GIANT UX Conference in Charleston, SC in June 2015. From the session description:
"Marketing ain’t what it used to be. (Thank goodness.)

Gone are the days when merely being slick and pushy would result in long-term profitability. The era of data-validated customer insights is giving preference to marketers who understand how to create a meaningful and relevant connection with customers, giving user experience an advantage in effectiveness.

In this session, meaningful marketing expert Kate O’Neill will explore the overlap between meaningful experiences and effective marketing, and offer an approach to an integrated framework that places the customer first, emphasizes knowledge gathering, and, over time, results in greater profitability."

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GIANT UX Conference: The Meaningfulness Revolution: How the Experience Mindset is Reshaping Marketing

  1. 1. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Presented by Kate O’Neill The Meaningfulness Revolution How the Experience Mindset is Reshaping Marketing
  2. 2. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf The aim of marketing is to knowand understand the customerso well the product or service fitshim and sells itself. – Peter Drucker, Superhero
  3. 3. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf (That’s what marketing was. Or maybe could have been.)
  4. 4. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf (What marketing became:)
  5. 5. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf image source:
  6. 6. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf image source:
  7. 7. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf
  8. 8. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf DraperDrucker Image credit: vs.
  9. 9. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf
  10. 10. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf
  11. 11. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf My work has always been about relevance and meaningful experiences.
  12. 12. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Internet marketing the reign of Madison Avenue marketing grows as a science basic concepts emerge 1900s 1920s 1940s 1960s 1980s 2000s For decades, marketing shifted to being creative-driven:
  13. 13. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf The solution: YOU.
  14. 14. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf User experience is changing marketing.
  15. 15. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf image source: (pretend this is coffee)
  16. 16. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf “If you’d slept on a Super-AwesomeSleeper5000, you wouldn’t need this coffee.”
  17. 17. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf image source:
  18. 18. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf
  19. 19. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf What used to be good old-fashioned marketing discipline went to dwell in the geeky land of analytics. In other words...
  20. 20. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf But now there’s data everywhere, and marketing is held accountable for measurable success.
  21. 21. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Meaningful marketing is about learning. It’s about knowing the customer/fan/community and taking meaningful action based on that knowledge. One of my truths:
  22. 22. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Marketing is a knowledge center.
  23. 23. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf marketing with meaning is ✓being relevant ✓informed by data ✓a sensible approach ✓authentic being pushy done by instinct alone touchy-feely contrived marketing with meaning isn’t
  24. 24. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Test.
  25. 25. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Use data to get smarter.
  26. 26. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Analytics are people.
  27. 27. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Relevance is a form of respect
  28. 28. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Meaning is relevance
  29. 29. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf What do I mean by “meaning”?
  30. 30. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf
  31. 31. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf
  32. 32. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf
  33. 33. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf “local coherence” – The Age of the Infovore by Tyler Cowen Context
  34. 34. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf The Marketing Funnel Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful. – George E. P. Box, Statistician Empirical Model-Building and Response Surfaces, 1987
  35. 35. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Evernote “create” buttons
  36. 36. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Evernote “create” buttons • all of them create a new record • any media can go in once the record is created • reducing cognitive complexity • even while increasing it?
  37. 37. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Meaningful storytelling
  38. 38. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Sign up for our upcoming webinar with promo code GIANT for 20% off: “Meaningful Stories” June 30 Want more help with brand storytelling?
  39. 39. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf All of user experience is metaphor.
  40. 40. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf meatphors
  41. 41. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf metaphors • constrict, construct • frame • limit information to dimension of relevance • make meaning from chaotic complexity
  42. 42. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf What does meaning even mean? At what layer does it happen? Imagecredit:Magritte/Wikipedia
  43. 43. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Part of the work of marketing is to know your meaningful metaphors.
  44. 44. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf image source: (pretend this is coffee)
  45. 45. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf image source:
  46. 46. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf (What marketing can become.)
  47. 47. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf An emphasis on empathy and purpose in marketing (and in life overall) and an effort to create meaningful experiences.
  48. 48. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Thoughtful strategy that might help bring about progress along with profits.
  49. 49. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf More companies trying to create more meaningful engagement with customers. And measuring it. And then improving.
  50. 50. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf thank you! Facebook: /kateoneillpage LinkedIn: /kateoneill Twitter: @kateo connect with me here: Image credit: Robbie Quinn (
  51. 51. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Talk to me.Twitter: @kateo Facebook: /kateoneillpage LinkedIn: /kateoneill
  52. 52. twitter: @kateo @koinsights #giantconf Sign up for our upcoming webinar with promo code GIANT for 20% off: “Meaningful Stories” June 30 Want help with brand storytelling?