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Murrs Across America PechaKucha


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Given at the first PechaKucha gathering in Springfield, Mo. at historic Lindberg's, this presentation tells the story of our cross-country bicycle trip with our children, ages four and two. We were aiming for a "20 questions" format and answered questions from the audience during the PechaKucha.

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  • This is a Pechakucha slide show we presented at the very first Pechakucha gathering in Springfield, Mo. It tells the story of our toddler-toting bicycle ride across America in the summer of six minutes and twenty seconds. Our hearts are still warmed by the goodness of all the folks you'll see in the second to last slide.

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Murrs Across America PechaKucha

  1. 1. What we Did
  2. 2. Are you crazy?
  3. 3. Why
  4. 4. What did kids do?
  5. 5. Painting
  6. 6. What did we eat?
  7. 7. Did you have flat tires?
  8. 8. Where did you stay?
  9. 9. Any Challenges?
  10. 10. Alabama
  11. 11. Missouri
  12. 12. Route?
  13. 13. Iowa
  14. 14. South Dakota
  15. 15. Pow wow
  16. 16. Glacier Ntl. Park
  17. 17. Montana
  18. 18. Oregon
  19. 19. The People
  20. 20. Thank you