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Worst SEO Mistake: Duplicate Content


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Worst SEO Mistake: Duplicate Content

  1. 1. Correcting the Most Common SEO Mistake Presented by: Kate Morris @katemorris
  2. 2. Not a Penalty! @katemorris
  3. 3. @katemorris
  4. 4. Client’s Traffic NumbersDuplicate Content Identified in September @katemorris
  5. 5. Most CommonCAUSES OF DUPLICATE CONTENT @katemorris
  6. 6. New York Times Article @katemorris
  7. 7. @katemorris
  8. 8. Similar Product Names• Find a way to distinguish the content• Merge the pages to a main page• Maybe rel canonical to the main page @katemorris
  9. 9. Geography– City Names, use state also @katemorris
  10. 10. Tag/Category Blog Pages– Mainly blog issues, noindex these @katemorris
  11. 11. (Sub)domain issues– Use absolute linking @katemorris
  12. 12. Homepages• www, non-www, index on both• Pick one version• 301 server side redirect all others• Ensure that the redirect for www or non-www works on all pages @katemorris
  13. 13. eCommerce/Session IDs• Rel canonical is your best friend• Reduce the number of parameters• Set Google and Bing to ignore un- necessary parameters• Make pretty URLs if possible• Examples – – @katemorris
  14. 14. Search Pages• Nofollow links to the results pages• Noindex pages if not necessary• If necessary (think photography and review sites), make popular searches actual pages, 301 redirect @katemorris
  15. 15. Remember• Duplicate Content is not typically a penalty …• Crawl Time is Limited• Indexation is at stake @katemorris
  16. 16. Track Indexation• Build good sitemaps using sitemap indices• Track once a week/month as to how many are submitted/indexed• Don’t sweat the small stuff @katemorris
  17. 17. Thank You! @katemorris