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Outreach Challenge - Seattle Interactive - Kate Morris


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My challenge was to reach out to the top 20 influencers in big data from a Forbes list. This is what I learned and want to share about outreach and what I learned along the way about Big Data, something I intend on continuing to learn about.

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  • Great presentation Kate, thank you for sharing the slide deck. It was wonderful to hear the entire process of outreach including the bumps and bruises.
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Outreach Challenge - Seattle Interactive - Kate Morris

  1. The UltimateOutreach ChallengeKate Morris
  2. Why?Outreach is hard butis the core of anysuccessful marketingstrategy online.Relationships drivebusiness.@katemorris
  3. The Challenge
  4. 20 Forbes Influencers
  5. The Goal
  6. A Quote to Rule from them ALL
  7. Caveats
  8. Don’t be THAT guyOutreach ≠ Link Building
  9. I knew they’d findout how I cheated.
  10. Boring Topic??
  11. Step 1:Creating the List
  12. Organize Your List of ContactsName Company Email Twitter Website LinkedIn LinkedIn Notes LevelJoe B Acme @joeb www.joe http://w 3 Loves … Ford MustangsMartha HUF Inc. @martha marthas http://w 2 Into Hot … Tea m These will change depending on what your goal is and who you’reAnd sometimes, not all talking to. information will be available. @katemorris
  13. I left her off because she as a person wasn’t really into big data. She was a freelance writer.Twitter List
  14. Step 2:Listening, Talking, Reading
  15. Read and Listen
  16. Retweet
  17. You’ll learn somethingnew, tell people about it.
  18. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  19. Find Your Best Targets Geography Interests Writing Style
  20. Another SeattliteUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  21. Similar to me on TwitterUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  22. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  23. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  24. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  25. Reminder: Be Patient
  26. Friendships are not made in a day …unless there is alcohol involved.
  27. Step 3: Be Prepared toChange Your Mind
  28. The point of reading is to get toknow more about the industry/topic.
  29. First Quote Idea “What is the next big thing in big data?”Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  30. After Reading “What is your best advice for a company with lots of data?” “How do you get someone in an organization to make decisions by data?”Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  31. Step 4:Ask Nicely
  32. TweetsUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  33. Email (Traditional)Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  34. Another SeattliteUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  35. Step 5:Go Unorthodox?
  36. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  37. Results
  38. Rather than trying to use Big Data to make sweeping,strategic judgments, I think organizations should focus onmaking these operational micro decisions more precise byapplying a wide variety of data sources and thus Big Data. James Taylor @jamet123Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  39. He then DM’d me his emailUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  40. Information is becoming more important tothe business … 90% of that information isunstructured and in the cloud. It’s thatinformation that will give me what I need tokill the competition. @ChristianVe – HPUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  41. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  42. Those who own the data, make the rules. Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffeUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  43. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  44. Big Data can deliver greatvalue, but there is a limit tohow much it can predict humanbehavior. Gregory Piatetsky @kdnuggetsUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  45. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  46. Predictive analytics can figureout how to land on Mars, butnot who will buy a Mars bar. @kdnuggets Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  47. The best information [on cities and Big Data]comes from IBM’s TheSmarterCity Initiative.An example is Rio de Janiero … Stephen DeAngelis @EnterraCEO Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  48. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  49. There is seemingly no area in which wecan’t benefit from analyzing data: lawenforcement, business, politics, economics,sports, even sex… and yet there is a real riskin overestimating our ability to use data tomake accurate predictions. Big data isconstrained by human limitations. Klint Finley @klintronUltimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  50. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  51. You will Fail.
  52. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  53. Ultimate Outreach Challenge @katemorris
  54. Sometimes Failure is Success Delayed.
  55. Don’t Push It.
  56. Procrastination Life Happens.
  57. Hurricane Happens
  58. 20 Forbes Influencers 1 Disqualified (19) 2 No Interaction (17) 3 No Pushing (14) 6 In Progress 6 Done 2 FailedFinal Stats
  59. Big Data Lessons
  60. Big Data Success1. Your data is your competitive advantage. Use what you have to win. Own the market by listening.2. Understand that while big data has potential it is not the cure all. It cannot answer all questions.3. Get examples by following trendsetters like IBM and HP.@katemorris
  61. Outreach Lessons
  62. Outreach Lessons1. Plan and Prepare Do your research on your contacts.2. Read, Listen and Learn Absorb all the material you can, it’ll help you ask the right ?s later.3. Share your Learning Prepare for intelligent conversations.4. Be Patient Friendships don’t happen overnight.5. Ask Nicely6. Get Attention7. Know you will Fail And that’s okay.8. Life Happens@katemorris
  63. Most influentialpeople are thosethat talk abouteveryoneelse, andsometimesthemselves.Not the otherway around.
  64. Thank You!