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Local Mobile App Optimization


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The best apps to be a part of if a small local business wants to appear in mobile apps for local businesses like Yelp, Trip Advisor, FourSquare and more. Presented at PubCon Vegas 2011

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Local Mobile App Optimization

  1. 1. Be There: Local on Mobile Apps Kate Morris
  2. 2. I’m focusing on WARNING: small local businesses here.
  3. 3. Before You Start 1. Know Your Clients a. Location b. Favorite Apps c. How do you do this? Ask them. 2. Have Your Information and Media Handy a. Store Locations b. Store Images c. Videos Use free online survey services like SurveyMonkey and your company’s email list to get quick feedback from clients.
  4. 4. Google and BingWinners for Most UsedApplication to Find LocalBusinesses The key here is to ensure your listing is complete in Google and Bing Local. Add your website (mobile capable) and phone number at minimum.
  5. 5. The Secret to Local1. Be There.2. Fill out the profile information fully.3. Give more information than you think. a. Hours b. Specials4. Interact with Customers a. Mayor/Duke/Duches s b. Reviewers Disappointed by the Big Secret? Sorry, but there is more coming, promise!
  6. 6. Guess what, it’s Not about YOUIT’S ALL ABOUT CUSTOMERCOMMUNICATION
  7. 7. Best Non App = Friends Everyone in the Distilled NYC office said that Julianne was the best app for local information. In the Seattle office, it’s Stephanie. That means the best way to get business is still word of mouth, remember that.
  9. 9. YelpReview Format: 1-5Stars Must be approvedby reviewer online.Check-ins: YesImportant People:Duke or DuchessClaim Business:
  10. 10. Trip AdvisorReview Format: 1-5Circles based on varyingmeasures includingservice, value, cleanliness, overallCheck-ins: NoImportant People:Senior ReviewersClaim Business:
  12. 12. UrbanSpoonReview Format: Like orNo, Critics reviews andLatestTweets, Distinguishesbetween mobile andonline reviewsCheck-ins: NoImportant People:CriticsClaim Business:
  13. 13. ZagatReview Format: 0-3based on food, décorand service pluscomments, in addition toZagat ratingsCheck-ins: NoImportant People:Zagat EditorsClaim Business:
  14. 14. OpenTableReview Format: 1-5stars based on overall,food, ambiance, service,noise levelCheck-ins: NoImportant People:ReviewersClaim Business:
  15. 15. GrubHubReview Format: 1-5Stars, Not many justyet, Uses Yelp Reviewsas wellCheck-ins: NoImportant People:Yelp ReviewersClaim Business:
  17. 17. Four SquareReview Format: Tips leftby people who check in.Check-ins: YES!Important People:Friends and MayorsClaim Business:
  18. 18. WhereReview Format: FromCitySearch, users cannotreview via app.Check-ins: WithFacebookImportant People:CitySearch ReviewersClaim Business: (canclaim in app as well)
  20. 20. FacebookReview Format:Like Button andRecommendations onDesktopCheck-ins: YesImportant People:Check ins and Like-ersClaim Business:
  21. 21. Twitter Review Format: Tweets Check-ins: Tweets via FourSquare Important People: Influencers in your area Claim Business:
  22. 22. Find Specialty Apps• Hotels •• Coffee Shops • CoffeeSpot Pro• Happy Hour • HappyHours• Local Areas • Whistler Blackcomb Live Doesn’t that look YUMMY?
  23. 23. 2D Barcodes• Post in store • Check ins • Likes • Reviews • Information Disclosure: I’m partial to Tags because they are a client. Any 2D Barcode does the job though.
  24. 24. Yelp Tip: Host an Elite Event More Influential Reviews Via Daniel Craig (The SEO not the Actor) Think about it, when you want something from people what do you do? Feed them and give them alcohol.
  25. 25. Three Things to Try1. Add a 2D Barcode to aid in getting reviews or check ins.2. Contact your local Yelp Rep about hosting an event.3. Add a special for mayors or for 5 check-ins on FourSquare.
  26. 26. Thank You!@katemorris