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Let's lend a hand to the folks bringing this MOU-CAS lawsuit.

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Please Join Me

  1. 1. PLEASE JOIN ME!Five of my fellow public education advocates have brought a lawsuit against Seattle Public Schools to reverse aMemorandum of Understanding for Creative Approach Schools (MOU for CAS) that was approved recently.The crux of the problem is that the Seattle Public Schools Board of Directors approved the MOU which was craftedby the superintendent, her staff, and the teacher’s union leadership. In doing so, they delegated their policymaking authority to others which is illegal. The MOU sets up a very unattractive precedent regarding the balanceof power between the school board (who are legally charged with setting policy) and the superintendent (who ischarged with carrying out policy).Personally, I favor Creative Approach Schools which in my opinion have immense potential to streamline apathway for a new crop of schools that could implement better ideas for K-12 public education in Seattle than thefactory approach we’ve been sticking to, with decidedly declining results, since the post-war days. (That would beWWII.)Basically, no one should get a free pass to make deals to open new public schools or change existing ones withoutthe board playing their essential role of setting policy for these schools and definitely worth remembering is thatthe board represents you and me at the table.Let’s support these five folks (Rita Green, Jack Whelan, Eric Muhs, Carlina Brown and Robert Femiano) as theirlegal fees will exceed $10K. They need $5K to move through this first hoop in June. I hope you can help. Givewhat you can. $25? $50? $100Here’s a few ways to donate… COME TO HAPPY HOUR th rd I’m hosting a fundraiser for this cause on Friday June 8 at my house 412 NW 73 St from 5pm – 10pm. Great Food, Drinks + Conversation SEND A CHECK rd MOU c/o Kate Martin 412 NW 73 St Seattle, WA 98117. Please make checks payable to Newman DuWors Attorneys CLICK THIS PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON Note: If you don’t see the PayPal Donate, button, you can open your PayPal Account, Click Send Money and send the donation to this email address: MOU-CAS-Donation@theboosters.orgIt really should take a village to fund such a lawsuit, so let’s not let the burden fall on these few while they’re doingimportant work for all of us. For an expanded take on the nature of this issue and the lawsuit, here is a link to apiece written by Jack Whelan that does a very nice job to help us understand what’s going on. hope to see you on June 8th for Happy Hour. Thanks everyone!