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New ways for mothers to save and stay


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As a mother I am always trying to find new ways to save money. I created this video with some quirky little tips in mind that i think most mothers would be suprised at.
...and if you find these tips useful you should take a look here at some of the amazing ways friends of mine are saving money, its hilarious!

  • There are some quirky tips in this video on how mums can save money. I have put most of them to use myself and have been pretty suprised at how they have worked.
    If your not a mum and looking to save money, check out this blog, they have some brilliant ideas from saving on toilet paper, to cutting your shopping bill in half....its genious!...
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New ways for mothers to save and stay

  1. 1. 'Savings' seems to be the thing on everybody's mind...  For mothers and in particular, single mothers this can be a very tricky task to manage. Between feeding the family, managing a full time job and the family finances things can get a little tricky.  Of course there's the standard do's and dont's like setting goals and creating a budget but... what are some of the things that mums can do to lighten the work load and save at the same time?
  2. 2. Well, its called being 'financial happy‘ and here's how to do it...
  3. 3. Step 1.  Don’t use credit. You will only have to deal with the expenses later in the month and it won't be pretty when it comes time to pay your bills.  Of course at some point in time we all fall short of cash, so as an alternative to using a credit card opt for a payday loan, within a matter of minutes you get cash in your hand. And the money you borrow is simply direct debited from you bank account on your next pay. Too easy!
  4. 4.  Only go out on the weekends. Part of the reason to do this is that it will keep you healthy during the week and save you money on petrol.  The other part is that your kids will most likely want to do something fun on the weekend anyway. So save yourself for a fun and where possible free, outing with the kids on the weekend instead. Step 2.
  5. 5.  Say no to dining out! Psychologically, this is a really difficult one, because as single parents, mothers, need friends and company. But if you can't afford it, you can't afford it! So politely decline those dinners and brunches with friends and invite them out to coffee instead. ...It will be much easier on your bank account. Step 3.
  6. 6.  Share the shampoo! I know it sounds strange but I have recently started doing this, and it makes a huge difference financially.  Kids' soaps and shampoos are mostly all marketing ploys to get you to buy more. You can either use what you buy for them, if you are concerned, or buy a brand known for being mild and inexpensive so both you and the kids can share. Step 4.
  7. 7.  Donating is good, but selling is better! Kids shoes, clothing and toys have great resale value.  These days kids grow out of there clothes before they even get a decent wear out of them. So check out sites like eBay and gumtree where you can sell their clothing or old toys and make a little profit in the process.  So in order to be financially happy I'm OK with eating spaghetti a couple of nights per week, since it's something the kids will eat too. Step 5.
  8. 8.  Feed your kids what they like! If you are busy making big meals with foods that your kids don't like, it is only going to waste your time and money.  I've found I save a lot of money by feeding my kids the foods that they enjoy. It means there plate is clean, there tummies are full and my wallet stays healthy each week. Step 6.
  9. 9.  Changing clothes, save yourself the stress! Washing and drying clothing using standard washers and dryers is not only financially expensive but it consumes a ton of energy which you pay for in the end.  Frequently changing clothing throughout the day unnecessarily fills up your laundry basket quicker and requires more time and effort spent washing. Step 7.
  10. 10. The answer to ‘financial happiness’ isn't always a bigger salary or the amount of money in a mother's bank account. Sometimes it's in the everyday tasks and activities that we seem to overlook. So there you have it...
  11. 11. By following these steps you will find yourself living happily and saving at the same time. After all, you have to learn to do the best with what you've got before you can handle more, right?