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  1. 1. As we continue living the “M-life” increasing the connectionbetween analog and digital spaces is only a natural progression. kuang woo photography
  2. 2. Connected consumers have become more location aware through the mass rise of geoutilities. image by heartbreaker
  3. 3. For example, Apple’s Iphone stores the longitude and latitude of a user’s movements which issynchronized to the owner’scomputer whenconnected withItunes. (Source: Charles Arthur, Apr 2011) image by janesullivan
  4. 4. Companies increasingly deploy Iphone’s to theiremployees. (Source: Aberdoon Group, Dec 2009) image by resurco
  5. 5. “These phones may storeas much as a year’s worth of location data—data that could be snooped by law enforcement, creditors, jealous spouses, or— more troubling, and probably more likely—hackers, malware operators and stalkers.” (Source: Glenn Harlan Reynalds, Smartphone Searches Not So Smart, April 2011) image by rekha6
  6. 6. Google is also introduced the “Latitude” system which provides userlocation details to their contacts. (Source: Charles Arthur, Apr 2011) image by michaeeel
  7. 7. Social media hubs such asFoursquare and Gowallaallow people to post statusupdates just like Twitterand Facebook.
  8. 8. However Foursquare focuses on geotagging – using GPS cell networks totriangulate your position and allowing you to “check in” at various places. image by james u.k.
  9. 9. Each “check in” is an achievement which awards user points and badges. image by tikaro
  10. 10. You can even be crowned “Mayor” of that venue if you check in more days than anyone in the past 60 days. image by ntr23
  11. 11. Gowalla has also added a competitive element where virtual items are added and can be found at the coordinates of a location. image by newmanchu
  12. 12. In April 2011, Foursquare reported over 8 million users addingaround 35,000 new users a day. (Source: Foursquare, Apr 2011). image by eric doolan
  13. 13. Marketers have acknowledged that they can engage with consumers on Foursquare’s platform. image by masstransmit
  14. 14. The “catch-a-choo” campaign demonstrates how Jimmy Choo in collaboration with Fresh Networks used a Foursquare scavenger hunt to increase sales. image by lomakev
  15. 15. “In just 3 weeks 4,500 individuals participated in the trainer hunt in a bid to ‘catch’ the trainers and win a pair for themselves.” (Source: FreshNetworks, 2010). image by myretailmedia
  16. 16. Other organizations are using this opportunity to connect withconsumers by offering special deals or incentives to drive up sales. image by yuwco
  17. 17. Users themselves are also “branding”themselves by choosing where to check in. image by lululemonathletica
  18. 18. Barry Lowenthal uses Foursquare to receivepromotional offers from venues that are close by and relevant to him. image by gavinz
  19. 19. Controversy over geo-location devices in this medium have risen. image by meta-morphosis
  20. 20. Questions of personal and home security with use of geo-tagging as venues become more transparent. image by pinkbelt
  21. 21. Although these concerns have been raised, geolocationaltools like Foursquare have been highly effective in retaining georelevance. image by dnfisher
  22. 22. While we continue to live mobile, nomadic lifestyles thegeoutility platforms will be a powerful social medium for marketers and connected publics.. image by tonyshi
  23. 23. All images are licensed under the creative commons, non-commercial share alike 3.0 agreement and sourced from flickr image by michael.sutton