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Genre Presentation


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Genre Presentation

  1. 1. GENRE<br />
  2. 2. - The music we chose (Wednesday Night by Alex Johnson) falls into the acoustic genre and we used conventions such as black and white effect, slow motion and fading to create recognition and familiarity for the audience.<br />- It is vital to use these elements so that the audience can recognise what type of music video it is straight away and also so that it follows the typical conventions of an acoustic music video.<br />- However it is also important to bring something new and different to the music industry and break the traditional boundaries of the genre a little. We did this by creating a storyline that didn't completely make sense. We left it to the audience to decide what had happened to the couple and how the male singer had lost his girlfriend. Also stories are usually resolved at the end, however ours didn't which allows the audience to make up their own minds what happened, or leave it as a mystery. By doing something a little different in our video it catches the audience's attention and keeps them interested.<br />
  3. 3. Our choice to do this was proved successful from the audience feedback that we got. In the questionnaire that we handed out to our target audience we asked whether or not it was easy to understand if the black and white, slow motion clips were memories or not and also if they thought this was effective. We got 9 out of 10 people who answered yes to this so this proves that it worked well.<br />
  4. 4. How our product fulfils the music video requirements<br /> -Most music videos, unless they are experimental videos, usually give the audience a narrative.<br />This is what we have followed with our video to create a story for the audience and reflect the lyrics of the music.<br />- Almost all music videos include the band or artist in them so that the audience can recognize the artist and music straight away. The music videos that sometimes don't conform to this usual convention are usually individualistic and again experimental videos.<br />
  5. 5. How our product fulfils the acoustic genre requirements<br />Acoustic music videos tend to be similar in terms of the style and the way it is shot. Obviously with it being a slow song the filing has to match. We have tried to create this with out video by shooting calm shots and some of the faster shots that we got we have put into slow motion which I think works really well.<br />This is different to other genres of music for examle R&B where the tempo of the music is upbeat and the speed of the video tends to match.<br /><ul><li>Our ancillary tasks also match our genre of music. The pages of the album are simplistic and not too bold to look at. Even though most album covers are bright and colourful so that they stand out on the shelf, our audience feedback has told us that the black and white image on the front would stand out even more that the rest on the shelf because it doesn't blend in with the other colours</li></li></ul><li>. Here is an example of a contrasting album to the image that we have chosen for the front of our album;<br />Our album cover<br />Kanye West’s Album Cover<br />