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Evaluation q2


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Evaluation q2

  1. 1. Evaluation <br />Question 2<br />
  2. 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?<br />In my magazine I have represented male solo artists by using Alex Johnson. He is a young artist who my target audience can relate to even the females. I think that boys will be interested in him because he is of the same gender and those who like his music will enjoy that side of his career. It might be slightly different for girls, some may be like the boys and be really interested in his music but others may be interested in him because of his image. Either way Alex represents young people like my target audience (ages 16-21). <br />I think the type of people I have represented are people with individual style, creative people and those who are really interested in particular artists and their music. I have done this by the costume I have dressed Alex in (skinny jeans and a jacket) This doesn’t look like many glossy magazines where the artists are immaculate. Also the setting adds to this laid back style because it is outdoors instead of in a studio. Also the images are not posed, when I was taking the photographs I asked him to just walk around and play his guitar so I could get a realistic effect. I think this works well to represent this group. <br />In the article I tried to write in a laid back style too. I asked questions that made the interview very chatty as if I was talking to a close friend. I think this makes it more personal to the reader and interesting to read. <br />
  3. 3. Audience’s response to this representation;<br />I think my audience has responded well to the representation of young, creative<br /> and musically talented people. This is because in my audience feedback I have received positive answers about the photographs that they look cool and really fit in with <br />The acoustic genre. Also the representation of my featured artist has appeared to <br /> work because I have not tried to change his natural image to be something different,<br />I have stuck to how he usually dresses which is a lot like any other artist of this genre<br />Would appear to look like. <br />I think this representation does stick with the general stereotype of this kind of music artist, however sometimes the media can create bad publicity and make some artists that follow this genre seem dirty looking or not as role models. I think I have challenged this opinion and made Alex seem a very clean cut and laid back character. <br />