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Limebrook final-video-synopsis


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Limebrook final-video-synopsis

  1. 1. Kate  Limebrook   Video  Synopsis  –  Final     New  Love     Log  Line   A  young,  broken-­‐hearted  woman  searches  for  happiness  and  for  another  shot  at   love  after  a  painful  break-­‐up  occurs  with  her  high  school  sweetheart.     Synopsis   Once  in  love,  TAYLOR  and  her  HIGH  SCHOOL  SWEETHEART  have  arrived  at  the  end   of  their  romantic  journey.  Even  though  they  had  many  happy  memories  together,   the  bad  memories  were  starting  to  surface  more  and  more  often.  Moreover,  since   they  had  started  college,  they  both  had  grown  and  changed  in  several  different   ways.  Thus,  their  decision  to  end  their  three  yearlong  relationship  was  determined   after  an  hour-­‐long  fight  of  talking  and  yelling.  Once  the  decision  was  made  final,   TAYLOR  ran  to  her  car  and  sped  off  down  the  road.  After  arriving  back  home,  she   grabbed  her  pint  of  Ben  &  Jerry’s  and  hid  in  her  room  for  two  days.   After  a  week  of  feeling  alone  and  acting  depressed,  TAYLOR  decides  it’s  time  to  stop   feeling  sorry  for  herself,  get  up  off  the  window  seat,  stop  staring  into  the  distance,   and  to  start  searching  for  love  again.  But  first,  before  she  can  find  a  new  love,  she   must  find  self-­‐happiness.  She  starts  this  new  journey  by  spending  a  lot  of  time  with   her  friends  and  roommates,  yet  she  still  feels  as  if  she  is  missing  a  huge  part  of   herself.  However,  one  day  while  she  is  searching  through  pins  on  her  Pinterest   account,  she  comes  across  a  web  page  for  adopting  animals.  This  then  leads  her  to   look  at  her  local  Humane  Society’s  website.  TAYLOR  then  decides  that  adopting  an   animal  could  be  the  possible  answer  she  had  been  looking  for  to  fill  the  gap  in  her   aching  heart.   The  next  day  TAYLOR  and  one  of  her  ROOMATE’S  takes  a  trip  to  the  Humane  Society   and  after  playing  with  a  few  different  cats,  she  comes  across  a  tiny,  three  month  old   black  kitten  and  instantly  falls  in  love.  After  an  hour  long  play  session  to  help  her  get  
  2. 2. acquainted  with  the  little  bundle  of  joy,  TAYLOR  fills  out  the  appropriate  paperwork,   names  the  kitten  OLIVE  and  takes  her  to  her  new  home.       Not  long  after  their  time  together  of  cuddling,  playing  and  watching  TV,  TAYLOR   develops  a  deep  bond  with  OLIVE  and  starts  spending  all  of  her  free  time  with  her.   She  starts  to  miss  her  every  time  she  has  to  leave  the  house,  even  if  it’s  for  a  short   trip.  This  is  of  course  not  done  in  an  obsessed,  compulsive  way,  but  in  a  loving  and   caring  way.  Moreover,  TAYLOR’S  ROOMATES  enjoy  OLIVE  too,  so  the  mood  of  the   house  is  always  a  positive  one.  They  all  take  turns  cuddling  and  playing  with  OLIVE   whenever  TAYLOR  is  absent.  They  also  start  taking  short  videos  of  Olive  to  show   Taylor  how  cute  she  was  while  she  was  gone.   After  a  few  months,  TAYLOR  comes  to  the  realization  that  all  she  really  needs  in  life   is  the  love  and  companionship  of  her  friends  and  of  her  beloved  pet  cat,  OLIVE,  and   that  a  man’s  love  doesn’t  need  to  be  the  one  controlling  aspect  of  her  happiness.  Yes,   if  a  man’s  love  comes  along,  TAYLOR  knows  that  she  won’t  avoid  it.  However,  she   knows  that  through  thick  and  thin,  OLIVE  and  her  loving  friends  will  always  be  there   for  her.