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Cormack consultancy presentation 30102011


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Cormack consultancy presentation 30102011

  1. 1. Getting your business over the bordersCompany and services overview
  2. 2. We specialise in delivering Social Media Management services tocompanies looking to target Central and Eastern Europe.We have been working with companies exporting to CEE for a numberof years, and over that time we have seen Social Media develop inacross these markets.
  3. 3. is the most cost effective way of introducing your product or service toa new market. It is the best way to reach your potential or existingclients, hear about their needs, build ongoing communication, andrun successful promotion campaigns.
  4. 4. We at Cormack Consultancy know local Social Medialandscapes of the Central and Eastern European marketsand we can help you connect with your potentialcustomers using their language.
  5. 5. We understand social media, and utilise youngbright people to interact on social media on your behalf.Develop an effective Social Media strategy for Russia, Ukraine, Latvia,Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and other CEE markets.Set up and manage your social media presence in these markets.Post and communicate in the relevant local languages, and monitoractivity and report back to you in English.Monitor relevant social media for comments and feedback onyour business.What we can offer you:
  6. 6. Every service package is individually designed to suit your business so thatyou can gain the best value from Social Media Management.We will:Agree a strategy with you based on your business needs.Set up all required accounts and profiles.Maintain and regularly update all accounts and profiles.Distribute content, promotional material, organize campaigns.Manage reputation by building strong customer relationships.Set up local language microsites.Create content for you.Our services:Social Media Management is not expensive,packages start from only £200 a month.
  7. 7. Our packages:
  8. 8. Our team:Charles CormackFounder and CEOAnastasia ZencikaOperations ManagerLizabet BurhanovaClient ManagerKate KolbinaSM Project ManagerJelena GaikevicaSM Project ManagerMiroslavs KobzevsSM Project ManagerThe UK teamThe Baltic team
  9. 9. • Web page• Email• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedInOur contact details: