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Detailed analysis


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Detailed analysis

  1. 1. Detailed Analysis of Spring Breakers I will be analysing the film trailer Spring Breakers in order to identify key conventions using the four main technical areas. Mise en Scene The mise en scene used in Spring Breakers is used effectively as it allows the audience to see the props, costumes, setting and lighting used and how are the genre is portrayed by them. Props such as alcoholic drinks, guns and mopeds are used – these items are all conventional for the genre crime/thriller however it is unusual to have four girls as the protagonists in the film as women are stereotypically innocent and sweet . Whereas males are the more violent and dominant sex . Weapons were used when the girls were robbing the shop and nearer the end of the trailer when the girls have masks on and when they are in the pool, they signify violence which successfully portrays the genre of the film however does not represent the female characters. Weapons are used in this trailer as they allow the audience to see something illegal and violent is going to happen. We don't actually see any of the actors getting injured by the weapons in the trailer which intrigues the audience to watch the film as most likely someone will get hurt/die in the film. The mopeds are used as they have connotations of energy and youthfulness. This successfully represents the actors as they are young and are obviously lively and social characters. The four main girls are using the mopeds, they are shown to be having fun as they are smiling and it shows they have freedom which you can tell by this image. All throughout the trailer they have also got alcoholic drinks - this shows they are young and wanting to have a good time. Alcohol relaxes people however if drank excessively could have bad side effects which the actors in this film are doing. Therefore this could lead to something shocking happening especially as weapons are also involved. Money is also another prop that is used, there is a large amount of money shown that makes us believe that they have got it by doing something illegal e.g. selling drugs. Excessive amounts of cash shows that the characters are wealthy however at the same time criminals as two girls are seen laying in the cash with guns in their hand. The props successfully represents the genre of crime/thriller because it makes the audience believe something illegal is going to happen and it builds excitement and tension. The costumes used also help represent the genre. The women are mainly seen wearing bikinis, shorts and little dresses. They are dressed provocatively whilst surrounded by wealthy looking men. The men are wearing baggy tops, gold chains, have braided hair, tattoos and the main male actor has silver/gold teeth. All these aspects show that the men are thugs and are most likely criminals. Stereotypical male gangsters are all associated with these features and characteristics. It shows they live in a mansion surrounded by attractive girls wearing little clothing. The costumes help represents the genre as it shows that crime is most likely going to be do included within the film. Also nearer the end of the trailer the girls are seen to be wearing pink masks whilst holding guns. This shows that they have something to hide and do not want to be recognised. This makes the audience believe that they are about to do something illegal as they do not want anyone to know who they are and the fact they are holding guns. The costume allows the audience to see that crime will occur in the film.
  2. 2. The lighting and setting used within the trailer differs. For example at the start low key lighting is used and it is pouring down with rain however later on high key lighting is used and its sunny. The use of different settings and lighting makes it seem more interesting. They contrast with each other allowing the audience to recognise the actors have travelled abroad. The use of low key lighting and a dull setting represents the girls as unhappy whereas the contrasted scene shows they are much more energetic and enjoying their time. Within the trailer they are also seen in a mansion and clubs - both these locations are normally associated with a crime/thriller genre. This is because the criminals are generally wealthy and like to be surrounded by attractive women. Also clubs are usually were drug dealers sell drugs. High key lighting and low key lighting are both used throughout. Low key lighting is used when it looks as if something illegal is about to happen. The use of the lighting at these scenes show that something bad will happen and makes the audience feel slighting worried/tense. High key lighting is used when they are on the beach or having a good time, this allows the audience feel a bit more relaxed which contrasts with the effect of the low key lighting. This is effective because the audience will always be on edge as they don't know when the scenes will change. Overall mise en scene successfully represents the genre in Springbreakers of crime/thriller. All aspects show and signify different things that all relate back to the genre. It also allows the audience to recognise key conventions for the crime/thriller genre. Therefore I can incorporate some of these conventions into my trailer to ensure it is successfully and targeting the right audience. Camerawork Camerawork is another key technical area that represents the genre of Springbreakers. The use of this wide establishing shot allows it to set the scene and let the audience know where the characters are. Because it is also wide allows more of the setting to be in the shot. We see that they are in a hot country having fun, it looks sunny and the sea is clear. The girls have trusted this stranger who they have just met and gone away with him. This makes the girls vulnerable and makes the audience feel as if something dangerous and risky is about to happen. Whilst this scene is playing the man is saying 'I knew you were special from the moment I saw you'. Making us believe he is going to make them work for him or do something for him. The man doesn't look safe which makes the audience feel tense. This represents the thriller genre. An aerial shot is also used in this trailer. This shows that they are all in a pool drinking and partying. This represents the girls as stereotypical teenagers. They are seen to be having fun and socializing with everyone of the same age. This is effective as later on in the trailer we learn that the girls aren't actually stereotypical teenage girls as they are involved in
  3. 3. crime therefore this allows the audience to contrast and see how and why they have changed. The use of an aerial shot gives us a clear view of what is happening in the scene where they are and who is there. Later on in the trailer another aerial shot is used but this is of two of the girls with guns in their hands lying in a large amount of cash. The use of this contrasts with this same shot type of them in the pool as they are seen to have changed and turned into criminals. It is effective because the audience realises at this point that the genre is infact crime/thriller. It creates suspense as the audience now are confused and do not know what is going to happen. The use of these aerial shots are very effective in representing the genre as the audience contrast and compare them and are able to see the clear differences creating a tense feeling. A close up is always used in the trailer to help represent the genre. This shot is of a huge amount of cash with guns on top. The audience do not know why and how the characters have got this money but we assume it is through illegal activities due to the connotations of the gun. Also the fact there is a large amount of cash makes us believe that the actors are involved in selling drugs or something else illegal. A close up is effective as it shows that the thing being shown is significant and we can see it very clearly. This specific close up is very effective as it portrays the genre very well. It shows that there is crime involved within the film and creates a tense feeling because we do not know how they have got the money. This makes the audience want to watch the film as they will be intrigued to see how and why they have all that cash and the guns. Camerawork plays a very important role in representing the genre of this film and recognising key conventions. The different shot types allow us to see and notice different aspects and realise various things. Sound Sound is used effectively in the Springbreakers trailer as it allows the audience to notice key conventions. Firstly the dialogue is effective, things such as 'bitches', 'I have a really bad feeling about this', 'let's cause some trouble now' and 'y'all wanna die tonight' are all used. The swearing shows that the actors/actresses are young as teenagers are stereotypically the age range that use this language. Swearing is conventional for this genre because the characters are criminals. Swearing is normally associated with people who cause trouble and are involved in illegal activities. The other phrase used 'I have a really bad feeling about this' is said whilst the girl is crying. Even the characters are doubting the situation they are in which immediately makes the audience feel as if something dangerous and unsafe is going to happen which creates suspension. Straight after we hear this phrase the main male actor says 'lets cause some trouble now'. This justifies the previous phrase and makes the audience know for certain that something bad is going to happen. These two phrases link because when the girl is crying and not certain of the situation they are in we instantly realise that she has a good reason to be upset and feel at risk. Another important phrase used in the trailer was nearer the end which a male voice says which is 'y'all wanna die tonight'. This aggressive and violent language was used whilst a man was in a car shooting a gun. This is effective because it shows the audience that there is criminal activities in the film. However it is not shown if someone gets shot or injured therefore this entices the audience as they will want to know what happens with the guns and if anyone does die. The dialogue is very important in this trailer and we can see the key sound conventions for a crime/thriller genre. The non diegetic music used is also an effective technique used to create a thrilling and exciting feeling for the audience. The music whilst the girls are on the beach partying and having fun is upbeat and lively. This signifies youthfulness and energy. This music is stereotypical for older teenage girls because they are usually associated with partying and socialising. However when the girls get arrested the music stops and tense beats are heard by the audience - this makes us feel on edge because we know that something bad is happening. This is effective because we see they are involved in crime as police are involved so represents the crime genre well. As the trailer continues the beat of the music gets tenser making the audience feel more on edge. It is clear by this non diegetic sound that something bad is going to happen in the film but nothing major is given away.
  4. 4. The suspense feeling that is created represents the thriller genre as we do not know what is going to happen and the audience feels anxious and nervous. We also hear gunshots which connote violence, this sound is effective because it makes us believe someone will get hurt/shot but it is not shown within the trailer. The audience anticipate what will happen and are intrigued to see what is going to happen. Overall the sound is very important in representing the genre and identifying key conventions. Editing Editing is a technical area that I will analyse in the film Springbreakers. Fast paced editing is used throughout the trailer - this creates energy and liveliness. The four mains girls are young, active and like to party. The use of the fast paced editing matches the whole theme and genre of the film. Something is always going on within the trailer and it is very action-packed. It also reflects the fact that crime is happening in the film as these events normally happen quickly and frantically. It allows more scenes and shots to be shown in the trailer as it is quick and snappy. The use of this editing is effective because it allows the audience to see that the film is suspenseful and thrilling. Other editing techniques used are things such as slow motion. This is used when the girls are wearing masks with guns in their hand and are jumping. The scenes before and after this are fast and quick therefore this stands out. It makes the audience believe this is important in the movie and that this specific scene is significant. It also creates tension because we do not know what is going to happen and why they have guns and are dressed in masks. Cross cutting is another technique that is used in this trailer. One example of it is when they are all on the beach and pool having fun and partying which cuts to them getting arrested. This is effective as the two scenes contrast each other. We can see the different sides of the girls and that they are trouble. One minute the girls are having fun the next they are seen to be miserable as they get taken away by the police. Cross cutting is a key convention because it allows the audience to contrast and compare different scenes. It is also effective because the scenes shown are quick therefore not giving too much away about the film which leaves the audience intrigued. When creating my trailer I will use cross cutting because I think it looks very effective and it allows the audience to see a lot of clips of the film but very short clips which I feel will be successful for a crime/thriller genre. Editing is an important area that creates the genre of the film and allows us to spot key conventions. Through analysing the Spring Breakers trailer I have been able to recognise key conventions of genre and form. The mise en scene used throughout the trailer consists of props such as guns, knives, alcohol and money, settings such as mansions, beaches and party locations, costumes for example the males wearing thuggish clothing and the women in provocative clothing and lastly a mixture of high and low key lighting. The conventional props used in this film signify rebellion and violence, this successfully represents the genre of the film. The alcohol in particular signifies youth and liveliness as they are drinking excessive amounts. The weapons that are involved within Spring Breakers allow the audience to realise that something violent and illegal is going to happen. This entices the audience to watch the film because they will be intrigued to see the outcome. The settings and locations used within this film are conventional because they are stereotypically related to teenagers/young adults. Mansions are also conventional for a crime/thriller movie because the criminals within the film would typically own expensive properties as they stereotypically like to parade their money. Another aspect that I have found that is conventional within a crime/thriller genre is that a mixture of high and low key lighting is used. This is conventional as it allows the audience to contrast the two different scenes this technique is used within. Therefore letting the audience know when the crime is happening and when the more innocent and daytime scenes are occurring. The last area that I found was conventional within mise en scene is the difference in the male and females costumes. The contrast in the two genders clothing allowed the audience to recognise the roles in which they played. They also were seen to be wearing masks which is another convention for a crime/thriller film. It shows that they are hiding from something and do not want to be known. The characters wear masks when they are committing crimes which represents the genre.
  5. 5. Conventional camerawork consisted of close ups, wide shots and aerial shots. All of these shots were used regularly throughout the Spring Breakers trailer. Wide shots allow the audience to see everything that is happening within the scene, these are usually used when a lot of action is taking place. Close ups are used in order for the audience to see a certain object or person in more detail which enables them to easily recognise and see emotions. Finally aerial shots are conventional because like the wide shots the audience can see everything that is happening. The same camera shots are used throughout trailers as the audience can contrast the two. The shots normally show two different sides to the characters within the film. Fast paced editing is an editing technique that is conventional for a crime/thriller film. This is because it can represent the energy and activeness of the scene. Often these films are upbeat and have a lot of action therefore this technique can portray these scenes effectively. Slow motion is another editing method that is used. This emphasises what is about to happen and creates tension for the audience which is relevant for thriller films. The last conventional editing technique I found when analysing Spring Breakers was cross cutting. This was used because you are able to contrast the two different scenes showing the different settings and behaviours of the characters. Sound is another area that I was able able to recognise conventions of a crime/thriller film. Regular diegetic sounds included gun shots, swearing and aggressive dialogue. All of these sounds represent the genre as they signifie rebellion and crime. These sounds were used constantly throughout the trailer therefore allowing me to realise they were conventional for crime/thriller film. Through analysing the Spring Breakers trailer I was also able to notice the conventions of form. Trailers usually last between 2-3 minutes. They consist of short clips from the film that are shown in a fast paced technique. This allows the audience to be intrigued in the film as the clips do not give too much away about the film. The clips shown make the audience want to know what will happen next, they build tension and leave the audience wondering which will make them want to see the film. Other aspects that I found were conventional of trailers were they show the main actors names within the trailer. Also a voiceover is used. The voiceovers don't always link up to the scenes which again entice the audience as this will slightly confuse them meaning they will want to understand where the dialogue should go and what scenes they match up to. The name of the film is always shown and the date of when the film is released. The clips are shown not in chronological order, this is because it continues to confuse the audience and makes them wonder how the film will actually pan out. Analysing this film trailer has allowed me to recognise key conventions of a crime/thriller film. Therefore I will include these conventions in my film trailer when I create it. I know these features are successful and appeal to the audience as they are used constantly throughout trailers I have analysed. Using these aspects and including some of my own ideas will make sure my trailer is successful and conventional for a crime/thriller film.