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Conventions of a magazine


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Conventions of a magazine

  2. 2. FRONT COVER SKYLINE I have used a black banner at the top of the page with red text. I have used red text as this is the magazine's colour scheme. In the skyline is the website, Twitter and Facebook. MASTHEAD I got my masthead from the website I chose this website because it had multiple choses of worn edgy looking fonts which matched my genre of R&B. SLOGAN I added the word R&B in my slogan as I wanted it to be clear to the reader what genre of music magazine it was. SELL LINES I have backed some of my sell lines with black banners as it makes the white text stand out. I got the banners from Word. They also frame the sell lines from the background. I used a yellow banner to back the main sell line on the cover. This makes it stand out the most because its bright and the main bit of colour on the cover. It also highlights who the cover star is. I made the competition information in a 3D effect as I wanted to have a twist on the text to make it stand out. It also has a modern twist from just normal flat text. BAR CODE, PRICE AND DATE The barcode is in the left hand bottom corner with the price and the date. This is so the magazine can be bought by the public. I have used little yellow crosses as bullet points so that the other sell lines have a structure. The other main sell line, ‘BAND BREAKUP KATY HUDGENS’ hasn’t got a bullet point and is a bigger sized font to make this clear. MAIN IMAGE I took the main image separate from the background as I wanted the background to fit the genre. I wanted the background to be urban so I took a photo of a brick wall with graffiti. I added the photo of my model after this . I used my clothing research to plan the outfit for the shoot.
  3. 3. CONTENTS PAGETITLE I got this this font from I chose this font as it was simple and bold. When the reader flicks the page that piece of text is going to stand out to them the most. WEBSITE I have put the website at the top of the page, in red so that it stands out as important information. More and more people are looking at things online so being able to access the information and more backstage information on the website is useful for the younger target audience. KEY INFORMATION This smaller text is the front cover masthead so that it constantly relates back to the recognisable font and text. Also the issue number and date are here so that the reader knows whether the magazine is current or not. BACKGROUND IMAGE I have used the cover star in the background of my contents so that the reader knows they are the main focus of this issue. She is looking down as on this page she isn't the main attraction of the page. FRONT COVER ICON This is an image of the front cover. This makes the contents page link back to the front cover and tells the reader the name of the cover star. SUBHEADING I have placed sub headings within the contents to separate the text into categories, which is, news, features and a competition. This lets the reader also know what stories are from the front cover. HIGHLIGHTED Highlighted information in red shows who is involved within this issue. I have used the colour red as this is the colour scheme of my magazine and it jumps out and is an alerting colour. COMPETITION I have placed the competition in the centre of the page to catch the reader’s eye as the text is also in bold. A competition draws the reader in and also encourages them to flick through the magazine and go to the website to enter. SMALL IMAGES By adding smaller images to your contents page the reader can see who else is involved within this issue. It is also visually better than all the page just being text.
  4. 4. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADTITLE I used a edgy, worn font from because it fitted well with the genre of my magazine. I used capitals and a bold font as its eye catching as it says ‘EXCLUSIVE’ that will draw people in because it can only be read here. I used red text with a black box background so the text stood out and red symbolises excitement and can be alerted. It also separates the title up so that they can see who the interview is about. INTRODUCTARY PARAGRAPH This is the introductory paragraph that starts off the interview. Background information is explained within this paragraph which is useful for the reader to receive basic information. WEBSITE This is the website for my magazine. I have put this larger and at the side of the interview so that it can be clear to the reader what they can search to get in contact with us or get more backstage information about the interviewee. MIDSHOT For the main image I wanted my model to pop out. I made her stand forward so she didn’t look flat against the wall, this would of looked flat and not part of the interview. As she pops out this makes her look as if she is interacting with the reader. PAGE NUMBERS The page number lets the reader identify easily what page to find from the contents. PULL QUOTE A pull quote lets the reader know a key bit of information from the interview. This pulls the reader in as they want to read more about it. To put it before where it is placed within the interview makes the reader want to read on. HIGHLIGHTED INFORMATION I put certain bits of information in red that was from the pull quotes so they stand out to the reader. I also put information in red such as, her website so that they could find any information about her that they wanted, which also relates to the interview. They can also check her out if they have never heard of her or don’t know much about her and her music. SMALLER IMAGE A smaller image within the interview can breakup the text and make the text more appealing to the eye. By having a humorous relatable twist to the photo it makes the page more appealing to the reader as they can get involved and may find the whole experience not as serious, like a friendly chat with what could be their most admired celebrity.
  6. 6. FRONT COVER (VIBE) SMALLER IMAGES By adding smaller images to your front cover it lets the reader see who else is included within the issue without having to read smaller text from the shelf. MASTHEAD Their masthead is simple and bold. I like this as the main image is very busy and colourful, by having the masthead simple makes it standout behind the photo. COLOUR SCHEME Keeping with the colour scheme of pink they have added small parts of the sell lines in this colour to make them stand out, for example names and small icons. BAR CODE The bar code is important as you can buy the magazine from the shelf. By having it in the bottom corner its out of the way and doesn’t detract any attention from the rest of the cover. MAIN IMAGE This main image inpiticular is very colourful and busy. Using a camouflage print shows an edgy masculine image but the jacket is in pink which matches the colour scheme. By him having tattoos this also has an edgy, individual vibe, it also may show a rebellious side which fits in with the R&B genre. COVER STAR By having the cover star’s name in large bold letters, It lets the reader know immediately who it as they can identify him by his name. This also indicates who the main celebrity is within this issue. The name is also in pink which links into the main colour scheme. BOLD TEXT WITHIN SELL LINES Key words from the sell lines down the side of the cover are in bold. This makes them standout to the reader as they may only skim read the sell lines and these words will stand out to them and draw them in.
  7. 7. CONTENTS PAGE By keeping it simple they have used a bold simple font so it stands out to the reader. They have stacked up the letters which adds a modern twist. The rest of the page is also very simple so its easy to navigate your way around and find out what you want easily. The small text down the side is different features and fashion. By having fashion inside the magazine attracts a wider audience as the magazine can be aimed at not just the music obsessed. By having the sub heading is a larger, fancier font this stands out and comes across sophisticated which ties in with the model wearing a suit jacket and shirt. The text is on the right hand side of the page which makes it easier for the reader to read as its not near the curved spine of the magazine. MAIN IMAGE The main image is very stripped back and casual but still has a sophisticated twist. Even though the model is in a suit jacket it is a tweed material which makes it more casual. The colour scheme is grey and minimal looking, the love heart in red that the women is holding stand out which may also link to his personality or the article about him. With no expression on the models face this also links into the minimal colour scheme and font style. His stance is also very simple with his hands in his pockets which also makes up for a casual look. As the background is plain they have placed a ‘V’ in the backdrop. This symbolises the name of the magazine. It also adds a modern simplistic backdrop to the page.
  8. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD MAIN IMAGE The main image is simple but edgy. By putting the accessories of sunglasses on the model has a cool/chilled vibe which links into the genre of R&B which is also edgy and rebellious as he has sunglasses on inside. By having the res light shining on one side of his face shows a dangerous look, and a look of him being powerful. The red lighting also ties in with the red colour scheme. PULL QUOTE By having a pull quote the reader can has a key bit of information from the article which may encourage them to read on. The red, block banner also attracts information to the text. By having the artist name at the top of the article in red the reader can identify who the article is about. The big letter ‘J’ going thought the article symbolises the artist's name ‘JAY-Z’ from the top of the article. This adds colour and a structure to the right hand side of the double page spread, over the plain black and white text. The large dropped initial capital letter at the start of the paragraph separate the small text. It can also start a new section of the article.
  9. 9. LIIAR LMy magazine includes a Masthead, Skyline, Hook, Sell lines, Main image, Main cover line, Competition, Barcode, Price, Date. IThe feature of my R&B magazine is to inform the audience on the current R&B music and artists across the genre. The magazine is aimed at keeping the younger generation informed on the latest news within the R&B genre. II would publish my magazine using Bauer Media Group. I chose this as it could be published in multiple countries worldwide. By having a worldwide magazine I will having a larger audience for the fans of for example, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake who have a worldwide audience that has branched off from what started as a niche audience. AThe target audience for my magazine is male and females between the age of 15-25. This is because the younger generation like to keep up with trends and current music news. Social media is a big part of today as the younger generation like to keep up with online news. This makes it easier as its on their phones and they can access it easily and anywhere they like. This way they don’t have to buy a hard copy, also they wouldn’t have to stop looking at my magazine if ever the stores didn’t stock it anymore. RThe colour scheme of my magazine is red. I chose red as it can convey alertness which makes the magazine pop out the audience from the shelf. I chose yellow to be a pop of colour to highlight the main points. I chose yellow as it’s a bright colour compared to black and red which can be dull. Yellow also stands out from the colour of the brick wall background as no yellow tones are there.