Maged Daniel New Nation Study Guide


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New Nation Study Guide by Maged and Daniel

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Maged Daniel New Nation Study Guide

  1. 1. How the US came from not so Awesomeness to Awesomeness By Maged and Dan
  2. 2. Vocabulary • What is the system of government that balances power between state and central government? • What is a framework or plan for a government? • What is the name of the act that established the federal court system?
  3. 3. Answers • Federalism • A Constitution • The Judiciary Act
  4. 4. Geography in the 1790’s • What environmental challenges did the U.S. face in it’s colonies? • What forces kept the U.S. from expanding?
  5. 5. Answers • The Appalachian Mountains • The British in British Canada, the Spanish in New Spain, and the Native Americas still in the Area (who were being helped by the British.)
  6. 6. Life in the 1790’s • What families could have paintings done of themselves? • How did people communicate with people far away and about how much time did this take?
  7. 7. Answers • Wealthy families. • International messages got sent by ship and national messages got sent by horse. This took 3 months by sea. A horse message from New York to Boston would take 2 days minimum.
  8. 8. Important People who did Important Things  • Why was the first president of the United States liked so much by the people during his term? • Who was the founder of the Federalist party that believed in loose interpretation of the Constitution? • Who was the founder of the Democratic-Republican party that believed in a STRICT interpretation of the Constitution?
  9. 9. Answers • George Washington was a famous military general in the revolutionary war, so the people thought he would be a good leader. • Alexander Hamilton • Thomas Jefferson
  10. 10. Economic Issues • What was the main international cause of this crisis? • What was the compromise between the north and the south about paying the debt?
  11. 11. Answers • The main international cause of the crises was the money owed to Britain and France during the Revolutionary war. • The compromise made to pay off the debt between the north and the south was that the rich south would pay the north’s debt, IF the U.S.’s capitol was moved more south to Virginia, thus creating Washington D.C.
  12. 12. Interpretations of the Constitution • What two cabinet members had opposing views about interpreting the constitution? Why? • What was the result of this disagreement?
  13. 13. Answers • Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson disagreed about interpreting the Constitution, they disagreed because Hamilton wanted to interpret it loosely so the government can do more things, and Jefferson wanted to interpret it strictly and limit government intervention with the people. • The result was the creation of the government heavy Federalist party and representatives of the people, the Democratic-Republican party.
  14. 14. National Bank • What was the concept of making a national bank? • Which cabinet member originated the idea of making a national bank?
  15. 15. Answers • The concept of creating a national bank was to make a place where all debts were paid, taxes were stored, and so that the states all shared one place to solve economic issues. • Alexander Hamilton was the one who thought of the idea of a National bank, which Jefferson naturally opposed.
  16. 16. Foreign Policy • What nation was having some governmental issues in the 1790’s? • What nations began to fight each other in the 1790’s that threw the U.S. into a moral dilemma and why?
  17. 17. Answers • France had just overthrown their monarchy and were having a violent democratic revolution and for a long time, were in complete anarchy. • France, after establishing a new government, declared war on Britain and Spain, which in turn made their allies declare war on France, this made the U.S. fall into a dilemma because both the French and British had something they needed, the French were their allies, which a new nation needed, and the British were the heart of the American economy, and declaring war on them would make them close their ports.
  18. 18. The Neutrality Proclamation • Who wrote and announced the Neutrality Proclamation and why?
  19. 19. Answers • George Washington wrote the proclamation, he also announced it. He did it because the U.S. couldn’t afford another war, and they also couldn’t afford loosing their alliance with France or their trade with Britain.
  20. 20. Slavery during George Washington’s presidency • What was George Washington's position on slavery? Why did some people criticize him for it? • What region of America had the most slaves? Which state had the most out of this region and the whole country?
  21. 21. Answers • He refused to talk, mention, or even act like it exists for his whole presidency. People criticized him for this because he fought for freedom, but never freed his own slaves. • The South had more slaves, and Virginia specifically had the most, in the region and in the country.
  22. 22. George Washington's farewell address • What did George Washington warn the American people about in the address, and what advice did he give?
  23. 23. Answers • He warned about the dangers of the political parties, and he gave advice to be on good terms with foreign nations, keep good commercial/trade connections, but not go into foreign political affairs (such as wars.)