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Q. 4,5 & 6

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  1. 1. Evaluation Kate England
  2. 2. Questions 4 & 5
  3. 3. Reader Profile • This is Sophie Guerin who enjoys listening to pop, soul and R&B • Sophie is 17 years old and is in sixth form at St. Peters high school and works at her local pub • Her favourite artist is Rihanna • Her idol growing up was Whitney Huston due to her and her mum listening to her whenever they could • Sophie enjoys listening to other artist and bands such as Beyoncé, Ne-Yo, Jennifer Hudson and The Blacked Eyed peas • The last album Sophie bought was Beyoncé's latest album ‘Platinum Edition’ • Sophie love going to concerts as much as she can but can be hard finding time between work and sixth form • Sophie’s last concert was Christina Aguilera’s last concert tour in 2006 • But Sophie loves finding new bands/artist in her area whenever she can to find new music and interesting bands/artist
  4. 4. Target research • For my target research I asked a couple of my friends and family what sort of magazine they like to buy, how much they buy them for and how they purchase them • Most of them said they enjoy Q magazine but did enjoy others such as Billboard, Rolling stone and vibe • Most of them bought them at their local shop but a few did say they would be up for paying for a subscription • The magazines are £3.70 but can get a subscription for a whole year for £30 roughly • I also asked them what they liked in a magazine • Most of them said they liked bold writing, clear images and colour schemes • Others said they liked having popular artists/bands but liked new artists that are upcoming Colour scheme Clear images Bold writing
  5. 5. Question 6
  6. 6. The technology I used • For my music magazine I used lots of different hardware and software • The hardware I used was key as I needed to get the right technology so I could get the best quality • The camera that I used to take my photos was the Nikon D3100 Digital SLR which was easy to use and gave out good quality photos when I was shooting for my magazine • Another piece of equipment I used was the horseshoe which triggers the flash on the strobe lights • The room/studio we used had strobe lights called Hemisphere 300 • Which lit up the model I was using to get the best light possible
  7. 7. The technology I used • When I had taken a photo I used sort boxes to disperse the light and give it a softer tone • I also used a white back drop to make my photo’s easier to edited if I wanted to change the background for the photo I had taken • Also so I could get a clearer image and better light • The light also had the same timing as when the photo was taken which made the image have to darkness or any shadows depending on the angle • This make it easier to edit the image after I uploaded it to Photoshop • Some of the software I used was Firefox • PowerPoint • YouTube • Slidershare and Wordpress
  8. 8. The technology I used • For the computer I used an iMac • I had never used an iMac before but found it easy to use as it was all nice and simple • To upload my images from the camera to the iMac I used a SD Card which I put into the iMac • This then was on my iMac for my to save then use in Photoshop • I also used other software for my magazine • These all helped me make my magazine to best possible standard I could • I learned how to use Photoshop well which helped me create my cover and contents page • Another program I used how to use was Adobe Illustrator CS5 • This helped my create my article • It helped me create the right layout and how everything would fit on the magazine