Event: Operation Zen-Yoga for a Cause


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Event: Operation Zen-Yoga for a Cause

  1. 1. Mission/Vision Mission Statement We want to create a non profit yoga event out of a local venue to raise money for the Samarya Yoga Center. Vision Statement Working with Samarya Center, a non profit yoga center for the community that specializes in helping the sick and mentally disabled, we will put together a one hour yoga class where all of the proceeds will be donated to the Samarya Center. We will raise awareness by creating a Facebook event, trying to get Lululemon involved, and local yoga studios. Project Overview Talk to Samarya Center Visit lululemon Talk to local yoga studios Create social media exposure Create flyer to promote event Secure locations
  2. 2. Tasks
  3. 3. Tasks
  4. 4. Tasks
  5. 5. Risks Operation Zen-Yoga for a Cause Risk Chart Risk Number Risk Likely to Happen (1-5) Impact on Project How we will prepare if this were to happen 1=Most likely 1 We do not receive the 3 It could have a huge impact We will attempt to plan a second day at the venue venue we wanted in the case of us not being in hopes that we would be able to split the able to hold as many people attendees in half, creating more room for the which, in return, would effect event to take place. the amount of money raised 4 2 We do not receive the 4 Not gettign the turn out we We will try our best to promote the event as much turnout we wanted want would mena that we as possible in hopes of meeting our goal of attendees wouldn’t raise as much money as we have set our goals for 3 3 We have a hard time finding 2 If we cannot get someone In our research attempts we will have a long list of a Yoga Instructor to donate to donate their time, it could risk studios and instructors to reach out to, in hopes of their time for the event the possibility of our event being having a better chance of finding someone cancelled. 5 4 Lack of sponsors and/or 3 If little or no sponsors are willing We will spread our effects to different communities donaters to be involved, the media attention to ensure that we can pull in as many sponsors could be very slim, affecting our and/or donors as possible turnout for the event 3.5 5 Yoga Instructor is late 3 This would have the same, if not, We will have 1-2 back up instructors scheduled and/or does not show more impact on our event because in case of an emergency our attendees will already be at the event 5 6 Injuries accur during the 3 2 We will ensure that the Yoga Instructor enstills that event atendees participate at their own pace 7 Lack of RSVPs 1 4 Because RSVPs always seem to be an issue with events we will do our best to check in with everyone to make sure we can expect the proper number of attendees 8 Venue is unavailable at 4 5 Will will have a back up venue scheduled. Because the last minute the chances of finding a venue that will let us do this are slim, we will attempt to secure a location, we may have to spend a small deposit. 9 Parking 3 2.5 Since parking is often an issue with Seattle events, we provide parking suggestions on our invitess 10 Rain 5 5 This situation will only be a problem if we plan our event outdoors. In return, if it were to rain we would attempt to have tents and/or use our back up location 11 Samaraya is not willing to 3 5 When it comes to offering help to non-profits, I do not participate expect Samaraya will turn us down. In the case of it happening, we will use a another non profit company in the Seattle area (no one is going to turn down free money) 12 Securing a name for our event 2 5 Because our biggest set back so far has been securing a name for our event/project we need to find one that doesn’t necessarily contain the word yoga, yet still relate to our event
  6. 6. Critical Path Operation Zen-Yoga For a Cause Critical PathStart Date: Choose Event Visit Venue Email Sponsor: Sponsor: Sponsor: Secure Organize Donation Event Event Date: Non-Profit Concept Blast J&D’s TB LuLu Instructor Raffle Pick Up Set-Up July 14th September 10th 1 2011 1 1 2 1 7 14 1 15 1 18 2 19 1 21 4 26 1 28 2 29 1 2011 Mission/ Secure Design Secure Find Get Raffle Vision Venue Waterbottles Swag Bags Photogra- Donations pher 3 1 14 2 20 1 22 1 27 2 8 16 Concept Sponsor Invitation Order Design Meeting with Proposal Waterbottles Samarya 1 1 23 1 4 9 17 1 Find Info Sheet Invitation Graphic Blast Designer 3 10 1 24 1 5 Create Flyer Create Logo Facebook Community Total Days: 59 6 1 11 1 25 4 Actual Days: - 58 Contact 92.5 Slack Days: 1 12 1 Secure Radio Spot 13 5
  7. 7. Statement of Work Operation Zen-Yoga For a Cause Statement of Work Operation Zen Swag Bags Models Media Venue Organization SponsorsYoga for a Cause Ella Bailey Samarya Operation Zen Yoga Facebook J&D’s Park Center Waterbottles Instructors Event Lululemon Pears Movin’ 92.5 Green Bottle Lululemon Flyers Company Bags Tacoma Boy’s Granola
  8. 8. Budget Operation Zen-Yoga for a Cause Budget Sheet Item Amount ($) Donated Out of Pocket Donated By Custom Waterbottles $156.42 $156.42 J&Ds Pears (65 lbs) $97.50 $97.50 Tacoma Boys Informational Sheet $25 $25 Katee/Alysha Flyers $40 $40 Katee/AlyshaFamily (4) Pack of Waterbottles $100 $100 Green Bottle Company Raffle Tickets $30 $30 Desert Sun Venue:Ella Bailey Park $98 $43.58 $54.42 J&Ds Event Bags (250) $250 $250 Lululemon Yoga Mat, Waterbottle Raffle $55 $55 Lululemon Granola Bags $60.01 $60.01 Directional Signs/Markers $6.61 $6.61 Table Cloth $3.65 $3.65 Money Box Loaned Katee/Alysha Table Loaned Katee/Alysha Dasani Water $5 $5 Bob/Kathi Johnson Totals $927.19 $802.50 $124.69 Cash Received at Event (+)Cash Received: $469.00 Ticket Sales: $450 (-)Out of Pocket Expenses: $124.69 Raffle Tickets: $19 (+)Additional Donation to Make Even: $0.69 Total: $469 Net Cash: $345
  9. 9. Alysha’s Lessons Learned• Not have such high expectations when starting• Get in touch with the organization sooner• Have people RSVP before• Reach out to more sponsors• Check with parks and recreation and double check there is no other events at locations• Secure location sooner
  10. 10. Katee’s Lessons learned• Delegation of tasks• Timeline for completion• Contact organization ASAP• Constant Contact• Permits• Reach out to the community more