Future people v mware v sphere install configure manage v5.0 (1)


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Future people v mware v sphere install configure manage v5.0 (1)

  1. 1. VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage v5.0OverviewThis hands-on training course explores installation, configuration, and management ofVMware vSphere, which consists of VMware ESXi™ and VMware vCenter™ Server. Thecourse is based on ESXi 5.0 and vCenter Server 5.0. Completion of this course satisfies theprerequisite for taking the VMware Certified Professional 5 exam.Pre-RequisitesDelegates attending this course should have system administration experience on MicrosoftWindows or Linux operating systemTarget AudienceThis course is designed for System administrators, Systems engineers and Operatorsresponsible for ESXi and vCenter Server.ObjectivesInstall and configure ESXiInstall and configure vCenter Server componentsConfigure and manage ESXi networking and storage using vCenter ServerDeploy, manage, and migrate virtual machinesManage user access to the VMware infrastructureUse vCenter Server to monitor resource usageUse vCenter Server to increase scalabilityUse VMware vCenter Update Manager to apply ESXi patchesUse vCenter Server to manage higher availability and data protection Future People Ltd. Second Floor, 89-90 Main Street Cashel, Co. Tipperary www.futurepeople.ie
  2. 2. Content1 Course IntroductionIntroductions and course logisticsCourse objectives2 Introduction to VMware VirtualizationIntroduce virtualization, virtual machines, and vSphere componentsExplain the concepts of server, network, and storage virtualizationDescribe where vSphere fits into the cloud architectureInstall and use vSphere user interfaces3 Virtual MachinesIntroducevirtual machines, virtual machine hardware, and virtual machine filesDeploy a single virtual machine and virtual machine appliance4 VMware vCenter ServerIdentify vCenter Server and database requirementsDescribe vCenter Server architectureDeploy a vCenter Server applianceView and create vCenter Server inventory objects5 Configure and Manage Virtual NetworksDescribe, create, and manage a standard virtual switchDescribe and modify standard virtual switch properties6 Configure and Manage vSphere StorageConfigure ESXi with iSCSI, NFS, and Fibre Channel storageCreate and manage vSphere datastoresConfigure, deploy, and manage the VMware Virtual Storage Appliance7 Virtual Machine ManagementDeploy virtual machines usingtemplates, cloning, and VMware vCenter Converter™Modify and manage virtual machinesCreate and manage virtual machine snapshotsPerform VMware vMotion® and Storage vMotion migrations Future People Ltd. Second Floor, 89-90 Main Street Cashel, Co. Tipperary www.futurepeople.ie
  3. 3. 8 Access and Authentication ControlControl user access through roles and permissionsConfigure and manage the ESXi firewallIntegrate ESXi with Active DirectoryIntroduce vShield Zones9 Resource Management and MonitoringControl virtual machine access to CPU, memory, and I/O resourcesIntroduce VMkernel methods for optimizing CPUand memory usageMonitor resource usage usingvCenter Server performance graphs and alarms10 Data ProtectionDiscuss strategies for backing up ESXi hostsIntroduce the backup/recovery APIsDiscuss strategies for backing up virtual machines11 High Availability and Fault ToleranceConfigure and manage a VMware High Availability (HA) clusterConfigure fault-tolerant virtual machines using VMware Fault Tolerance12 ScalabilityConfigure and manage a VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) clusterConfiguring Enhanced vMotion CompatibilityUsing VMware HA and DRS together13 Patch ManagementManage ESXi patching and patch compliance using vCenter Update Manager14 Installing VMware vSphere 5 ComponentsIntroduce ESXi Installable installationIntroduce vCenter Server installationAdditional vCenter Server module installationCourse Duration5 Days Future People Ltd. Second Floor, 89-90 Main Street Cashel, Co. Tipperary www.futurepeople.ie