April 2013


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April 2013

  1. 1. Kate Bruce’s Radio PortfolioApril 2013
  2. 2. Table of Contents• Education• Work Experience• Volunteer Work• Interests• References
  3. 3. Master Resume
  4. 4. Education-Radio and Television Arts Diploma at Nova Scotia Community College-Bachelor of Arts at St. Francis Xavier University-High School Diploma from Middleton Regional High School-Employment Training and Certifications
  5. 5. Nova Scotia Community College• In September 2011, I began the Radio and Television Arts program at Nova Scotia Community College’s Waterfront Campus.• Skills I developed while earning my diploma in Radio are: on-air radio production, researching content, commercial and promotional writing.• Digital content creation, social media interaction and working as part of an on-air talent team were integral parts of my Radio Diploma earned from NSCC.
  6. 6. St.Francis Xavier University • In the Fall of 2007, I began post- secondary study at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. • While at St. Francis Xavier I completed courses in Anthropology, Earth Sciences, English, History, Music Political Science and Women’s Studies. • In the Spring of 2011, I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in Political Science, specializing in Canadian Politics; with a minor in History, specializing in Canadian History.
  7. 7. Presentation Work at St.Francis Xavier University• While studying at St. Francis Xavier University and important part of most grades was taken from presentation work. Presentations contributed to some of the best marks I obtained, the evaluation, on the right, is an example of a team presentation given in my fourth year of study.
  8. 8. Middleton Regional High School • In June 2007, I graduated from Middleton Regional High School with honours. • While at Middleton Regional High School; I completed academic level, grade-twelve, credits in Biology, English, Global History, Law, Mathematics, Physical Education, Political Science, and Sociology.
  9. 9. Employment Training and Certifications • While attending Nova Scotia Community College, in 2012 I obtained Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) certification and was re-certified in Work Hazard Information Systems (WHIMIS) training. • I am also trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR Level A.
  10. 10. Work Experience-NewCap Radio-McCopCo- McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada
  11. 11. Street Team Coordinator, NewCap Radio• At the end of April 2012, I participated in a work term at 90.3 AMP Radio in Calgary, Alberta. During my work terms I wrote liners, scouted locations, organized promotional stops, covered reception, scheduled the street team and found obscure promotional items.• After my work term was finished I was hired for Summer 2012 to schedule XL 103 and 90.3 AMP Radio’s Street Team. It was my duty to schedule the locations and staff for the daily Party Patrol stops across Calgary.• The highlight of my summer was lining up a deal with McOpCo. Canada promoting McCafe Smoothies by giving away product Party Patrol stops.• I also did various promotional chores at the station throughout the Summer and worked as part of the Street Team at events like the Calgary Stampede, Concerts, Remote Broadcasts and
  12. 12. Brand Ambassador, McOpCo • During the Summer of 2011 and 2012 I was part of a promotional team for McOpCo. Canada. • Our first mission was to create a dialogue with customers about McDonald’s McCafe line of espresso in store. This was achieved my training staff, taking part of in store launches and promotions, distributing product samples and initiating a local regional marketing plan. • The second promotion involved taking Calgarians samples from the McCafe line of Real Fruit Smoothies. We visited businesses, charitable organizations and community groups/events throughout Calgary. • Over the two summers I worked in over 25 stores in Calgary.
  13. 13. Volunteer Work-Radio ECMA-AVR Internship-More Media Volunteer Work-Princess Middleton
  14. 14. Radio ECMA• As part of Radio ECMA team had various duties and responsibilities. I operated the board during live music performances, interviews in conjunction with the ECMA Opportunity Stage and during my own shows.• I interviewed artists involved with the East Coast Music Association live on- air and promoted events using various social media platforms.
  15. 15. Field Producer, HRM Votes 2012 • While helping with NSCC and King’s collaborative coverage of Halifax’s 2012 Municipal Election I produced remote radio reports, researched electoral candidates, assisted in report preparation and assisted with cite checks for television broadcast.
  16. 16. More Media Volunteer Work• March 2012, Audio Assist with Eastlink Sports at the National Men’s Basketball League Championship. One night, four hours.• February 2012, Camera Operator and Interview Host for Awesome Halifax’s first awards ceremony. One night, five hours.• December 2011, Helper at Q104 and Empire Theatre’s annual Christmas toy drive. One night, five hours.• November 2011, Camera Operator and Video Record Technician for Eastlink TV’s Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children Telethon. Two shifts, both five hours.
  17. 17. Queen of Hearts, Princess Middleton• Term: April 2009 to May 2010• Location: Middleton, Nova Scotia• Commitment: Acting as an ambassador for the Town of Middleton throughout the Centennial Year. With fellow princesses at the Children’s Wish Foundation’s Princess Party, May 2010 (above) and with the Snowbirds, May 2009• As Queen of Hearts, Princess Middleton 2009; I represented the Town of Middleton at approximately twenty-five events throughout the Annapolis Valley including the Apple Blossom Festival, Windsor’s Summerfest, Digby Scallop Days and many more events in the Annapolis Valley.
  18. 18. Queen of Hearts, Princess Middleton Continued • While at community events I was responsible for delivering speeches on a variety of subjects, and interacting with the public and members of the community. In addition to attending events, I helped with planning and hosting events in conjunction with my summer employment with the Town of Middleton’s Recreation Department. Part of the role of a Princess is to act as an ambassador at events throughout the Annapolis Valley. An example of eventsattended while a Princess was the Annual Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association Tea held inKentville, Nova Scotia (above) which I attended with fellow princesses and local dignitaries. Parades are also a common event that Princess represent townships in, my childattendants and I attended many parades during my reign as Princess and met many people in our community (right).
  19. 19. Interests-Provincial and Club Rugby-Hockey at St. Francis Xavier University-Minor Hockey and Officiating-High School Athletics
  20. 20. Provincial and Club Rugby• Competing in high level sports is something I have done in both rugby and hockey. I currently play for the Enfield Female Lions club rugby team. In the Summer of 2007 and 2008, I represented Nova Scotia with the Provincial Female In action shot of a game against with the Enfield Lions against Under 19 rugby team in the my former club team, the Valley Tide (above). Team photo of the silver-medal winning Under-Nineteen Team Nova Scotia in Eastern Canadian Rugby 2008 (below). Championships.
  21. 21. Hockey at St. Francis Xavier University• While at St. Francis Xavier University I played for the MacIsaac Hall female hockey team from 2007-2010. In the 2008-2009 season I reformed the team and also acted as the manager which involved booking and scheduling team The 2008-2009 MacIsaac Hall female hockey (above) and the 2007-2008 ‘Xavier Cup’ winning, MacIsaac Hall female hockey events and games, promoting team (below). team activities, and coordinating team apparel.• I was also voted captain and asked to return as a senior callback the next season.
  22. 22. Minor Hockey and Officiating• Minor hockey has always been an important organization to me, within minor hockey I have taken on many roles including representing the Town of Middleton and Western Valley Minor Hockey as a player from the years 2000 through to 2007. While playing minor hockey I took on the roles of Captain An on-ice shot during a game at the Halifax Metro Center and Assistant Captain on various teams, with the Middleton Mustangs Midget ‘B’ team in 2006 (above). Officiating certification from the 1st Annual Female and I also participated in many high Officiating Development Camp in Antigonish, Nova Scotia in performance clinics for Hockey Nova 2006 (below). Scotia.• I also refereed minor hockey in the Annapolis Valley for the 2006-2007 season and in Antigonish, Nova Scotia during the 2009-2010 season. As a referee I participated in training and development programs for both Nova Scotia Hockey and Antigonish Minor Hockey.
  23. 23. High School Athletics• While in high school I was a varsity athlete for the female hockey and rugby teams from grade seven to twelve. While playing on these teams, I was chosen to be a co-captain of both teams in my senior year and also took on leadership roles in earlier Winning the Peter Connell Memorial Hockey tournament with years. I was also selected to Middleton Regional High School’s female hockey team represent Middleton Regional (above) and Middleton Regional High School’s Female rugby High School for three consecutive team (below). years in the Valley High School Hockey League’s All-star Hockey Game. While a co-captain of the MRHS female hockey team in senior year I helped lead the team to its first time in regional title, and a third place finish in provincials.
  24. 24. References-Written Reference from Peter Miller-Reference Contact Information
  25. 25. Written Letter of Referencefrom Peter Miller• The letter of reference included, on the right, is a letter of reference from Mr. Peter Miller. While working at the town of Middleton I was asked to extend my term of seasonal employment by a week while other members of staff were sick or on vacation. During this week I was asked to compile photographs for a presentation for Mr. Miller that had gone missing and were needed on twenty-four hours notice. During one day at the office I helped Mr. Miller with his presentation, part of Middleton’s Centennial Celebrations, on the history of churches in Middleton, Nova Scotia. His letter of reference is a response to our professional relationship developed over this short time.
  26. 26. References• David Bannerman, Radio Instructor at NSCC Waterfront Campus. 902-491- 1363• Stephen Dolhagaray, Promotions Director at AMP Radio. 403-520-1675• Brenda Thrift, Brand Manager at McOpCo. Canada. 403-616- 6268