Movie poster eval


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Movie poster eval

  1. 1. Poster draft 1In my first draft I used the front engravers MT because the sharp edges of the front itsuited to kind of movie my poster was made for. Then I used the green screen to cut outmy picture and put on a background full of blood. I used the green screen because thegreen does not clash with any clothing my character is wearing. Then I used the blur toolto blend the picture in with the background. Also I used the white paint tool to drawaround the picture to make it stand out from the background a little bit. Also I made surethe mask was the only thing that is white so it stands out. I done this because when yousee the mask you know the movie as a big part to do with the mask. I also coloured theeyes in black showing that the killer as no emotion in their eyes just darkness and darkthoughts.
  2. 2. Poster draft 2In this draft I used the same front and lay out for the writing. The only difference about thewriting I put mind by it self so it all stays in the black. I also used a different picture. Icoloured the whole picture in, but I left the mask white, because the mask plays a big partwithin the movie. I also coloured in the eyes for the same reason for draft 1. I left theoutline of the picture on giving you a idea of how big this person in the white mask is plushow the character dresses. I cut out a picture of my two main characters using the mirroraffect on one of them so they are both facing down to the middle, showing they are upset. Ialso put them in the background showing that the guy in the white mask is on top, incharge of who lives and dies. Giving my two main characters the chalk filter, makes thempartly black and white meaning that their life was colourful, put that colour is being drained.
  3. 3. Poster draft 3This draft is mainly the 2nd draft but in this one Ive moved the writing over more into thecentre because it was hard to read and didnt look right. The background in draft 2 wasvery plane so I put the blood in the background showing that the movie will involve blood. Ialso blurred the mask slightly so it blends in with everything around it. Everything else Ikept the same for the same reasons of draft 2.