Evaluation (Queston 4)


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Evaluation (Queston 4)

  1. 1. Question 4How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages. By Ajminder Sidhu.
  2. 2. Software I used• To make sure I created my Ancillary tasks and my main product I needed to look into many forms of multimedia and ways to create, these are the methods which I utilized.• Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0• iMovie• Slide share• You tube• Action Movie FX (App for iPhone)• Camera• Microphone
  3. 3. Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0• Adobe Photoshop Elements is a downgraded and simplified version of the ever so popular Adobe CS series.• For me this was utilized for the planning and construction of my task, it was used to create the magazine front cover and poster for my ancillary tasks, Doing these tasks in Elements proved to be very effective as PS Elements is a very strong image manipulation application.• Using Photoshop also proved to be good for creating effects in my text and giving it an original look and appeal.
  4. 4. Photoshop Elements 7.0
  5. 5. iMovie• iMovie Is seen as Apple’s general software for movie creation and manipulation, it is very popular and comes with any MacBook or iMac, there is also mobile versions of this application.• I used iMovie for the construction and evaluation stages of my project, this is the application which proved to be very useful for when it come to editing and when I was doing voiceovers as there is a button which can be utilized to do that. The software proved to be very reliable and rarely ever crashed, although one problem which I faced was when importing a lot of content it found a way to become slow and take a while to respond to keyboard and mouse inputs. Above all that I was very happy and pleased with what I was able to produce in iMovie and it has given my trailer a very professional aspect.
  6. 6. iMovie
  7. 7. Action Movie FX• Action movie FX Is an app which can be downloaded on iPhones, this was an app which proved to be very helpful in adding special effects to my trailer.• I used this app to add a car rolling out of the sky and into the camera at the end of my trailer, this proved to be very effective as when it was combined with the the actors motion and them reacting to it when it all was put together it gave the general thought that a car had actually began to fall out of the sky.• Because of this the general look and appeal of my trailer was increased and it looks even more professional and it gives the trailer a strongpoint about it and a scene which people would rewind back to.
  8. 8. Action Movie FX
  9. 9. YouTube• YouTube is a website which people can upload and share videos to the world.• I made use of YouTube by using it to upload my videos to there so they could be embed into my word press blog, this was very helpful as it would only take a few minutes to upload it and it was very effective to use, all of my construction and evaluations have been done through YouTube.
  10. 10. YouTube
  11. 11. Slideshare• Slideshare is an online service which people can upload there power point presentations and PDF files too.• I made use of Slideshare so I could upload my presentations to word press so I could give them a more professional look and appeal, this was done very effectively through the use of Slideshare.
  12. 12. Slideshare