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Database searching

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Database searching

  1. 1. i am kate
  2. 2. you arestudents / Tommy Huynh
  3. 3. theassignment:globalwarming / molamoni
  4. 4. what is it you want to know?describe itfind ituse it / Alexander Henning Drachmann
  5. 5. developing your research questiondescribe itfind ituse it / CollegeDegrees360
  6. 6. what is the impact of global warming on farming in the US?
  7. 7. hit the databasesdescribe itfind ituse it / CollegeDegrees360
  8. 8. synthesize/write/citedescribe itfind ituse it / CollegeDegrees360
  9. 9. describe it …do background research …identify keywords/synonyms find it…use research guide to pick database(s)…adjust search and ask for help if needed use it …write and cite
  10. 10. questions? comments? view again via slideshare