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Kate e theory


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Kate e theory

  1. 1. COGNITIVISM Kate E
  2. 2. Cognitivism Table of ContentsWhat is it?TheoristsCognitivism for TeachersCognitivism for StudentsReferences
  3. 3. What is it?Replaced behaviorismPeople’s actions result from theirthoughtsHow the brain interprets the world
  4. 4. What is it continued…How people learnHow people thinkExplore the mind
  5. 5. TheoristsKurt Lewin – group/social interactionGagne – conditions of learningBloom – high order thinkingLawrence Kohlberg – moral developmentJean Piaget – groundbreaker of child psychological development
  6. 6. KohlbergInfluenced by PiagetBorn in 1927; attended Andover AcademyBA in psychology – University of ChicagoTaught at U of C and HarvardDoctorate in psychology
  7. 7. Kohlberg“Heinz Steals the Drugs”PreconventionalConventionalPostconventionalEach stage has two subcategories
  8. 8. Cognitivism for TeachersUnderstand why students obey/disobeyPredict student’s reactions to directionsWith technology teachers can predict if…• Students will (not) observe copyright rules• Students will (not) plagiarize• Students will understand information on websites
  9. 9. Cognitivism for TeachersTeachers should:• Emphasize main idea• Build on past lessons• Check student progress often• Have students perform several different examples
  10. 10. Cognitivism for StudentsStudents will:• Understand how they learn best• Understand their thought process• Understand how to study
  11. 11. Cognitivism for Students Cont…Students will learn the bestway to:• Understand computer programs• Interpret information on websites• Use computer hardware
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