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Katherine Drutschinin_ #1

  1. 1. Kat Drutschinin
  2. 2. Online Personality The balance between Personal & professionalPersonal Professional
  3. 3. Twitter Identity Combination of serious / personal contentMedia Issue Analysis/comments General personal musings
  4. 4. Connections A retweet! Keeping connections open with someone I don‟t have much to do with in any other form
  5. 5. Using Twitter to cross promote events/ myself:Queen’s Fawlty Towers Production -Vimeo Videos -Pinterest/ Instagram
  6. 6. Twitter Analysis•A more relaxed media platform than LinkedIn, potentially due to the restrictive nature of the 140 charactertweets which force one to be more personable and shorthand with their comments•Easier, and encouraged, to mix both personal and professional musings. Can use hashtags to differentiate thetwo different personalities and facets of your identity by reaching different communities with targeting tweets.•Hash tags are the collaborative and „participatory‟ aspect of Twitter, as well as commenting or having„conversations‟ with other Tweeters - as pointed out in „What is Collaboration Anyway?‟•It‟s perfect identity vehicle for modern day individuals (and potential employers) to consume, for asShao‟sarticle “understanding the appeal of user-generated media” points out, modern day individuals like toconsume their media in bite sized fragments.
  7. 7. Professional Twitter… and etiquette 1. 2. 3.
  8. 8. LinkedIn Profile Can see who‟s been viewing profileProfessional Profile Picture Clear, efficient, polished and purely business orientated personal information
  9. 9. LinkedIn Analysis•“Find the people you need through the people you trust” – LinkedIn,•This platform is very professional and job market orientated, which doesn‟t allow for a lot ofroom for personality as such.•„In public displays of connection‟ by Donath and Boyd it points out how it‟s the profile andnetwork of links that are fundamental features of LinkedIn (2004, p.72)•The fact that you are only allowed to see the connections of your own immediate connections,keeps the site more minimalist, focussed and business orientated.•In the case of LinkedIn it‟s supremely important who you are connected to, for as Donath andBoyd mention “seeing someone with the context of their connections provides a viewer with theinformation about them…. And knowing that someone is connected to people one already knowsand trusts is one of the most basic ways of establishing trust with a new relationship” (2004,p.72)
  10. 10. LinkedIn Groups & Communities
  11. 11. LinkedIn Now following @PrinstuteofAust on twitterWent around liking some relevant questions that were being asked
  12. 12. LinkedIn - Semi ID hub
  13. 13. Digital ID HubConnected:-Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Pintrest-Vimeo- Linked-In
  14. 14. Glossi even tweeted me about one of my Pinterest photos that isshown on Glossi. Interconnectivity.
  15. 15. ID Hub Map Twitter Feed Blog Feed Instagram Glos.si FeedLink Link (hub) Feed Link Pinterest Feed LinkedIn Feed Link Vimeo Facebook