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GAMEPREZ Gamejam@HackerDojo


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Announcement -

Official Rules
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GAMEPREZ Gamejam@HackerDojo

  1. 1. ©2013 GAMEPREZ | confidential and proprietary Gamejam@HackerDojo 12 July 2014
  2. 2. ©2013 GAMEPREZ | confidential and proprietary 1. Announce and launch the competition a. reach widest audience b. target CoffeScript, D3, JavaScript developers, game developers new to HTML5 c. convey the rules & terms of the competition 2. Demo the site & the API a. presentation of how the site works b. demo submitting a game both manually and with the API 3. Demo our test games a. many approaches to HTML5 game development b. many existing kits c. GAMEPREZ DevKit is an example of one approach to HTML5 gamedev d. walk through game code 4. Q&A / Discussion 5. Gamejam a. start building new games b. learn HTML5 gamedev c. mod our test games d. hang out / have fun / network Event Goals
  3. 3. ©2013 GAMEPREZ | confidential and proprietary Announcement - Official Rules 1. web - 2. PDF - Here's a quick summary of how to enter the contest: 1. Create an HTML5 game involving the use of skill or knowledge to acquire points, such that higher scores provide an indication of a higher level of skill or knowledge 2. Give it a name (maybe something epic, like The Legend of Super Dragon Racer: Ultimate Attack Edition, or something trendy like Bacon Zombie Cat) 3. Submit your game to using either of these methods: a. Manually uploading .zip file submission(s) after requesting a signup and logging in as a Developer user b. Request a signup and login automatically via our REST API (beta) to create an account and submit games Game Dev Contest
  4. 4. ©2013 GAMEPREZ | confidential and proprietary 1. Fold It: Participants come up with different ways to fold proteins. The results are then scored by scientists to see which ones have the potential to create the strongest impact in real life situations 2. Galaxy Zoo: Players collaborate to classify astronomical objects like planets, stars, and solar systems. When the game was first designed, it was estimated that it would take a year to classify a million objects. But in fact it took a day to classify 50 million objects 3. Eye Wire: MIT developed this game to enable participants to map retinal connections and collate information to help scientists learn more about visual perception 4. Ancient Lives: Players help to decode ancient texts from Egypt 5. Whale FM: Oceanologists listen to sounds made by orcas and match them to similar sounding calls 6. Zooniverse: Awards points and achievements for "players" who assist with data collection and cataloging a. Zooniverse set its players on the task of decoding the tiny half-century-old scrawls of some of the collectors. b. A more recent Zooniverse project, Planet Four asks players to identify features on the surface of Mars and to bring any interesting ones to the attention of the community. 7. TomNod: Crowdsources observations a bit closer to home, awarding points for "quests" to find certain features in satellite images of Earth. research.php Non-Entertainment Examples
  5. 5. ©2013 GAMEPREZ | confidential and proprietary Game Goal Agent Pursuer Agent Path Agent Obstacle Agent Fold-It Optimal Structure ? Torsion Angles Energy+Geometry Galaxy Zoo Classification Mouse Cursor Categories Astronomy EyeWire Neural Structure Mouse Cursor Validator Anatomy Ancient Lives Translation Mouse Cursor Fragment Size Legibility Whale FM Audio Features Mouse Cursor Menu Options None TomNod Image Features Tagging UI (varies) Map Extent None Table Ia. Non-Ent Game Agents
  6. 6. ©2013 GAMEPREZ | confidential and proprietary 1. After the gamedev contest submission period is over, we will take time to review the games, test them for bugs, choose the winners, and verify compatibility with our game server 2. Once the winners have been announced, we will begin a new beta test involving gamers 3. Winners of the gamedev contest will have the option of participating in our revenue sharing model during this subsequent beta test 4. Revenue generated from gamers to enter the highscore tournaments will be shared with winning developers 5. Dynamic rewards Thank You! :) Next Steps