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Local search class


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Local search class

  1. 1. Local Search Class By Kathy Long, LSO Local Search Specialist Kat & Mouse SEO & Web Design Class Notes & Resources Class Workbook.xlsx Kat & Mouse | |
  2. 2. Why be online?• 20% of all searched in Google are local. That’s 2.24 billion!!• 97% use internet for local business search• Yellow Pages are dying Kat & Mouse | |
  3. 3. Where should you be online?• Website• Social Media• Google Places• Yahoo Local• Bing Local• Phones• Everywhere you can!2 million Places claimed in US –only 2% of total!1st place gets 35% of clicks, 2nd17%, 3rd 12%... 10th 2.5% Kat & Mouse | |
  4. 4. Google Places – Since October 2010It’s either “pure” results or “blended” Kat & Mouse | |
  5. 5. Google Places – How to Rank High 1.Proximity 2.Popularity 3.Relevance Kat & Mouse | |
  6. 6. Google Places – How to Rank HighSee for more details. Kat & Mouse | |
  7. 7. Everything Begins with Keyword Research Use Google’s free keyword research tool Jot down 3 or 4 ways you’d search for your website2. Look for other keywords in Google’s keyword tool. Seek out variations such as roofer, roofing contractor3. Run the queries. Where is your website? Write it down. Also write down top 5 or 10 competitor’s sites for those keywords.4. Group keywords into 3 buckets: 1. Lower rank, great term, low competition 2. Lower rank, great term, high competition 3. Higher rank, great term Kat & Mouse | |
  8. 8. 2: Develop Your NAPNAP = Name, Address, Phone –Consistency across the web is critical! TASK: Search for your phone number on the web. Check to see where your NAP is inconsistent. Make a note of these. FIX THEM! Kat & Mouse | |
  9. 9. 3: Create your categoriesGoogle gives you 5 categories – one cannedand 4 custom categories – Look at your competitors – Utilize your keyword research – Use high volume, high conversion keywords like hotel with free wi-fi, pet friendly hotel, cool coffee shop – Don’t spam! Kat & Mouse | |
  10. 10. Create and Claim Your Place• Google Places• Yahoo Local• Bing Business Portal• Facebook Kat & Mouse | |
  11. 11. Place Page Optimization• Exact or close categories – Try entering city name in 1 or 2 categories. Test.• Business name in title – Don’t spam with keywords, be consistent – City keywords in title if possible and applicable• Point to a better landing page – contact page• Use more info links to add additional links to website, either internally or social sites Kat & Mouse | |
  12. 12. Place Page OptimizationAdd photos toPanoramioand geotag Image from Kat & Mouse | |
  13. 13. Place Page OptimizationAdd videos toYoutube andoptimizeFree video creatorat Image from Kat & Mouse | |
  14. 14. Citations• Create articles for inbound links - add NAP• Videos - add NAP• Facebook Page• Research top 10 or more competitors and do what they do and then some more! – – Check More info on their Place page for more Example: This class at Parks & Rec Kat & Mouse | |
  15. 15. More Citations• Chamber of Commerce• BBB• Host/support a philanthropic event• Sponsor local events – Query these • Location sponsorship • Location sponsorship opportunities • Location sponsor our event • Location “thanks to our sponsors” • Location intitel:sponsors • Location inurl:sponsors – Create future notifications in Google alerts with location sponsorship for one – Ontolo: Citation Prospecting – Export Citation list from Kat & Mouse | |
  16. 16. Citation ProspectingSponsor a local event.Utilize price anchoring when pitching sponsorshipsDear Santa Cruz event,The (event) is going to be a great event. I would love to help sponsor itand my business,, can contribute $20 forthe sponsorship.I look forward to helping support this event to a successful conclusionand reading more about it as it progresses on your website.To your success,Kathy LongSanta Cruz resident and business owner Kat & Mouse | |
  17. 17. Local directories Kat & Mouse | |
  18. 18. Local directoriesCheck your site at your site MANUALLY here:•••••••••••• Kat & Mouse | |
  19. 19. Local directoriesTo find more, query:• Location directory• Location business directory• “list of location sites”• Location websites• Location sites• “location sites”• “location websites”• “favorite links” location• “recommended link” locationMust do for all Santa Cruz businesses:Wiki Travel - Kat & Mouse | |
  20. 20. Reviews– Get email addresses from customers, segment into gmail and yahoo email addresses and ASK– Facebook– Use QR Codes– Use Thumbtack– Brightlocal review tool– Review Triage Kat & Mouse | |
  21. 21. Website Optimization• Business name in title tag• City keywords in title tag and H1 tag• Web copy – Include your location, a map, your cities served, hours, email address, fax number, phone number, directions and other any information you have that establishes your location. – Create page for each location – Internal linking on keywords Kat & Mouse | |
  22. 22. Website OptimizationExample:• Query “Roofing contractor detroit” – Not in Places but contractors page shows up in organics. Why?• Query “roofer detroit” – #1 in Places• Is this site over optimized? Or not optimized well enough?Example:• Optimized for nation• Pull-down city lists don’t really work• Well-done for city it’s located in• Tried to show up for Orlando, FL and fails• Is this site over optimized? Or not optimized well enough?Example: Query “la jolla housepainter” Kat & Mouse | |
  23. 23. Website OptimizationExample:• Query “Santa Cruz Pilates Classes”• Query “Santa Cruz Pilates Studio”• Query “Santa Cruz Pilates teacher”What do we need to do to rank for all three? Kat & Mouse | |
  24. 24. Website Optimization• Create a GeoSitemap• Add rich snippets Kat & Mouse | |
  25. 25. Website OptimizationLocation rich snippet <div class="vcard"> <span class="fn">Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency</span> <span class="adr"> <span class="street-address">4820 Harwood Road #130</span> <span class="locality">San Jose</span> <span class="region">CA</span> <span class="postal-code">95124</span> <span class="tel">(408) 358-7502</span> </span> </div> Kat & Mouse | |
  26. 26. Website OptimizationOther rich snippets Schema.orgRecommended• Hcard – Location• Reviews• Restaurant• Product Kat & Mouse | |
  27. 27. Link BuildingAcquire quality links from quality sites withkeywords in anchor text – Give free advice – Blog commenting – Forum commenting – Guest blogging – Write remarkable copy – Infographics – Whitepaper, research – Create something another business in your industry (non-competitor) would value Kat & Mouse | |
  28. 28. Link BuildingQuery these • Location “sponsor” • Location “our sponsors” • Location blog • Intitle blog location • Inurl:blog location • “tags: location” • “filed under: location” • Location “add comment” • Location forum • “location forum” • Location join • Location group Kat & Mouse | |
  29. 29. Link building• Create best Santa Cruz whatever award• Guest post about regional issues on local blogs and relate it back to your business• Ask for referral on client’s website• Offer local promotion• Write a glowing review of a local business. Guaranteed that they’ll link to it! Kat & Mouse | |
  30. 30. Link BuildingAnnounce your remarkable content – Build relationships and follows – Facebook – Tweet – Email – Newsletter – Social bookmarking – Add share, bookmark ability to your website Kat & Mouse | |
  31. 31. Set Up AnalyticsHow to• Log into google (must have gmail account)• From landing page, click Analytics and setup• Add code to website• Set up webmaster tools• Add GeoSitemap3 analytic tools:• Webmaster tools• Place analytics• Website analytics Kat & Mouse | |
  32. 32. Other• Google Feed of products – How to – How to optimize• Write a book• CraigsList• ? Kat & Mouse | |
  33. 33. Other – Social MediaDecreasing Stable Increasing Kat & Mouse | |
  34. 34. Other – Social Media Kat & Mouse | |
  35. 35. Other – Social Media Kat & Mouse | |
  36. 36. Social• Why should you be there? Social Proof – 90 percent of people seek advice from family and friends before making a decision. – 80 percent of people delay making a purchase online before they talk to someone. – Social media gives you an opportunity to build trust and relationships. – Google is watching you! They know if you’re popular or not! – They’ll spread the word and link to you! Kat & Mouse | |
  37. 37. Social• The BIG THREE – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Build your following – Build your credibility, authority and trust – Go where your customers are, not your colleagues • to find Twitter groups• Build authority in Q/A sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers Kat & Mouse | |
  38. 38. SocialMake good use of check-ins for targetedadvertising, if not now, soon.Get the apps! – Foursquare – Reward your check-ins! – Gowalla – Reward your check-ins! – Yelp – Includes deals! read more – Facebook – lands on wall! – Google – NEW TODAY! Local directory siting! I bet they’ll tie in “Offers” – Yahoo Local – pulls in deals from Kat & Mouse | |
  39. 39. Summary: 7 ways to dominate 7 pack1. Add NAP to off-site content2. Broaden your citation mentions3. Optimize your website4. Get more local, anchor text inbound links from directories, press releases, check-in sites, blogs5. Get reviews6. Timely updates to your place page7. Get active in social media Kat & Mouse | |
  40. 40. Kat & Mouse | |
  41. 41. What else?• PPC• Mobile marketing – You need a mobile site! – Geo-targeted text messaging – Check-ins – More on the way!!• Deals – Groupon, Living Social, etc. – Google “Offers” – Amazon – Yelp – Facebook? Kat & Mouse | |
  42. 42. SoLoMoSocial + Local + Mobile The BUZZ Kat & Mouse | |
  43. 43. In the endEveryone will be doing these steps. What can you dothat is more? 1. SEO – Local optimization might be enough today, but NOT tomorrow! You need to keep optimizing with: 1. Better content 2. More backlinks 3. Social involvement and social proof 2. Social Media 1. More followers sharing and tweeting your stuff 3. Take advantage of other marketing toolsWhat Google tells you to do, you should do. Kat & Mouse | |
  44. 44. Need help? Kat & Mouse takes you to the next level with…• Website & Google Places optimization to get Google to take note• Link building to move your site above the competition• Social Media marketing – Custom landing pages, engagement, website integration to get people singing your praises• Mobile Marketing to capture the crowd on the street in the new internet• Monthly monitoring and improvements to keep you on top Kat & Mouse | |
  45. 45. Kat & Mouse Please connect with me 408-694-3706 Twitter: @katndmouse LinkedIn - Kathy Long LinkedIn: Join Local BizBuzz Group To your success! Kat & Mouse | |