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FAST A/W15 Event Recap


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KATALYST LIVE recently teamed up with Melo7 Tech Partners, MADE Fashion Week and Intel to produce FAST A/W15, a first-of-its-kind program held during the height of the NBA All-Star Weekend and MADE Fashion Week to explore the intersection of Fashion x Sports x Technology.

The guests included 350+ cultural, sports, business and tech influencers gathered to discover and interact with the latest sports-inspired devices, wearables, and performance-enhancing consumer tech.

Carmelo Anthony, 8-time NBA All-Star and co-founder of Melo7 Tech Partners, hosted a thought-leadership panel and curated a tech showcase with cutting edge technologies.

Iconic hip-hop trio De La Soul capped the event with a rousing musical performance.

The event was produced by KATALYST LIVE, Melo7 Tech Partners, MADE Fashion Week in collaboration with Intel.

Partners included Accenture, Time Warner Media, UK Trade & Investment, Thirstie, Ceros, and Diageo.

Special thanks go to our content partners Accessory2, OS-Fashion, Evol8tion, York Hill, AlleyNYC, FashInvest, Wearable World, Cipha Sounds, and Entrepreneur. | #FASTAW15

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FAST A/W15 Event Recap

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