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Presentation1 idioms


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Great for teaching idioms :)

Published in: Education
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Presentation1 idioms

  1. 1. have a monkey on your back = To have an addiction, especially a drug addiction; To have a deep, uncontrollable desire to something such as Gamble, Smoke, Sweet or Drink.
  2. 2. It's raining cats and dogs= It’s pouring with rain/It’s raining very heavily.
  3. 3. Big fish in a small pond = A big fish in a small pond is an important person in a small place or organisation.
  4. 4. the green-eyed-monster = a feeling of anger or unhappiness because somebody you like or love is showing interest in somebody else; jealousy;
  5. 5. Rat race= A fierce, competitive struggle for power, position.
  6. 6. pull a rabbit out of the hat ( informal )=suddenly produce something as a solution to a problem; to do something very clever and unexpected that solves a problem.