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Va Center Of Excellence Research Practicum


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Va Center Of Excellence Research Practicum

  1. 1. VA Center of Excellence for Research on Returning War Veterans Research Practicum in Mental Illness Research and TreatmentThe Center of Excellence (COE) at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Waco branch is now acceptingapplications for its one-year Research Practicum training program at the undergraduate level. This researchposition runs concurrently with the Baylor academic year and requires a minimum commitment of twosemesters.Current research focuses on the assessment and treatment of mental health problems in returning warveterans and their families. Investigators have a particular interest in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder andSubstance Abuse. There are 4 Cores available for students: Assessment, Treatment Development & TreatmentOutcome, and Education & Dissemination. Students may be assigned primarily to one study and mentor butwill likely be involved in multiple research projects.Students will have the opportunity to be involved in several aspects of research including, but not limited to:data entry and management, interactions with veterans participating in research projects, and weekly staffmeetings. There is an educational component to the practicum in which students will be exposed to currentresearch involving veterans and will have the opportunity to pursue their own individual research interestsduring the second semester. Particularly motivated students may also have the opportunity to develop thoseinterests into poster presentations at local or national conferences and/or potential publication. Additionally,upon demonstrated satisfactory progress during the first semester, successful students will be given theopportunity to gain advanced hours credit by enrolling in PSY/NSC 4V96 or 3V90.