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Professional Development Plan

Activities                     Stakeholders/Person(s)       Expected Outcomes
Superintendent, Chief           other practitioners; attend
                              Technology Officer,             ...
                                             budget for
areas of                       remediation.

STaR Chart        Instr...
Officer,Technology          attend            implementation
Director, Curriculum        sessions          required by all...
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Action Plan: PD/Evaluation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Action Plan: PD/Evaluation

  1. 1. Professional Development Plan Activities Stakeholders/Person(s) Expected Outcomes Responsible Instructional staff Instructional Staff, Provides training in how to professional development Curriculum Directors, efficiently and effectively on using CSCOPE with a Campus Principals, use the online curriculum focus on integrating Instructional Technology with a focus on integrating technology. Director, Chief Technology technology including but not Officer limited to integrating interactive websites, wikis, nings and podcasts. DMAC professional Instructional Staff, Training in how to efficiently development Curriculum Directors, and effectively use DMAC Campus Principals, and its reports to access Instructional Technology student and district data to Director, Chief Technology target areas of concern. Officer STaR Chart Staff Instructional Staff, Provide stakeholders with Development Curriculum Directors, information on the STaR Campus Principals, Chart—what it is used for, Instructional Technology what the ratings mean, Director, Chief Technology where we are, and where Officer we would like to go. Professional development in Instructional Staff, Online learning creating and facilitating an Curriculum Directors, opportunities will be online course Campus Principals, increased. Instructional Technology Director, Chief Technology Officer,and students Professional development Instructional Staff, Further instructional staffs’ on effective technology Curriculum Directors, knowledge and skills in integration strategies Campus Principals, integrating technology; Instructional Technology provide the opportunity for Director, Chief Technology lesson relevancy for Director students—active engagement Attend State Conferences Superintendent, Assistant Opportunity to network with
  2. 2. Superintendent, Chief other practitioners; attend Technology Officer, sessions presented by Instructional Technology practitioners who can Director,Curriculum provide the advantages and Directors, Campus disadvantages, do’s and Principals, and don’ts on technology Instructional Staff integration; gain new knowledge and project ideas • . Evaluation of Action Plan including: Effectiveness of Professional Development, Policy Improvements and Infrastructure Strategy Stakeholders/Person(s Expected Timeline Evaluation ) Responsible Outcomes Collaborative Superintendent, More 2009-201 Completion and technology Assistant comprehensive 0 approval of integration Superintendent, Chief plan for academic district planning Technology Officer, aquiring year; technology plan using a ning Instructional Technology needed ongoing or wiki to Director,Curriculum technology; collaborate Directors, Campus provide Principals, , and a campus sampling of campus principals with instructional staff information on the types of technologies already available; help in integrating AEIS data, AYP data, and STaR Chart results in all planning; help the district and campus
  3. 3. leadership budget for individual campus technology needs Upgrade Chief Technology Ability to January Completion of Infrastructure Officer, Superintendent, provide mobile 2010- the project. All to support Assistant Superintendent labs with August schools have wireless laptops for 2010 wireless high- speed technologies classroom use; capabilities save money on having to run new wiring for current “drops”. Continue Instructional Staff, All instructional ongoing State participation / Curriculum Directors, components of assessment contract for Campus Principals, C-Scope data including CSCOPE, a Assistant including the AEIS data, web-based Superintendent, and parent portal increase the curriculum Instructional Technology will be used as “met standard” Director the basis of all rate as instruction as outlined in the well as a tool CIP. for parent information and support. Acceptable Chief of Technology, Policy is January Completed and Use Policy Assistant revised to 2010- approved revision Superintendent, and increase the August revisions allow Instructional Technology ease of use for 2010 students and Director online teacher access collaboration. to sharing and collaborative websites. DMAC Instructional Staff, Training in how May 2011 Targeted professional Curriculum Directors, to efficiently student development Campus Principals, and effectively instruction will Instructional Technology use DMAC and lead to a 5% Director its reports to decrease in access student students data to target needing TAKS
  4. 4. areas of remediation. concern. STaR Chart Instructional Staff, Provide May 2011 Current rating Staff Curriculum Directors, stakeholders of Advanced Development Campus Principals, with Tech will Instructional Technology information on increase to Director the STaR Target Tech. Chart—what it is used for, what the ratings mean, where we are, and where we would like to go. Professional Instructional Staff, Provide January 25% of development Curriculum Directors, additional 2010- teachers in creating Campus Principals, course August attending this and Instructional Technology offerings for 2010 pd will have an facilitating an Director, and students students online course online course live by following school year. Professional Instructional Staff, Provide Ongoing 100% of development Curriculum Directors, instructional instructional on Campus Principals, staff the staff will integrating Instructional Technology opportunity to provide (This interactive Director, Chief learn about evidence curriculu websites, Technology Officer and integrate through lesson m is ever- wikis, nings, technology into plans that they changing; and podcasts existing have used at therefore into the C- curriculum; least one of the pd Scope provide the listed tools must be curriculum. opportunity for in each content ongoing) students to be area. more actively engaged in the lessons and in their learning. Attend State Superintendent, Opportunity to Ongoing Report Conferences Assistant network with relaying new Superintendent, Chief other learning and Technology practitioners; expectation of
  5. 5. Officer,Technology attend implementation Director, Curriculum sessions required by all Directors, Campus presented by attendees. Principals, Instructional practitioners Technologists, and who can Online Instructional Staff provide the communication advantages of new learning and will be made disadvantages, available to all do’s and don’ts instructional on technology staff through a integration; district Wiki. gain new knowledge and project ideas. Expectation of attendees to turn around new trainings.