How To Choose A Good Quality Men's Designer Shoe.


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How To Choose A Good Quality Men's Designer Shoe.

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How To Choose A Good Quality Men's Designer Shoe.

  1. 1. ==== ====To Choose A Good Quality Mens Designer Shoe Go Here ====When it comes to choosing a good quality mens designer shoe, Italian shoes are simply the bestand most sought after type of shoes around the world. They have the best quality, style andcraftsmanship.You will often find that the traditional methods of tanning and shoemaking are still used in Italy,which means the finest of materials are chosen for the uppers and inner lining. The shoes areeven hand sewn. This kind of quality often comes with a high price tag but the Italian shoemakersare coming up with great shoes at lower prices.Italian designers are among the best footwear designers in the world designing the highest qualitymens shoes, with the best style, comfort and fit. If you want the very best, there is only one way togo, thats Italian!Choosing a good quality mens designer shoe can be easy when you know what to look for. Thiswould include the grade of leather, available styles from designers and your own personal tastesalong with your correct shoe size. Lets begin by looking at leather grades.Full grain leather has its original markings and grain texture of the animal the leather was takenfrom. When a full, natural grain texture is present, you can consider it full grain leather. Full grainleather is considered the best quality. You should inspect the leather. The leather should smellgood, look natural and be soft to the touch. There are leathers made from mark free, perfect hide.They are more expensive and rare.There is less expensive leather. It has its natural grain sanded away and the surface embossedwith grain. This leather has a thick coating to cover the imperfections. They are stiff with the lookand feel of plastic. This leather is considered top grain leather. Top grain leather is oftenmisunderstood by a lot of customers because of its name. The quality of this leather is acontradiction to what the name implies. This leather material is not genuine since the originalgrains were sanded away. The grains are only imitations stamped on the leather. If however, thegenuine grains are still intact, the leather will be called "full grain" or "full top grain". The top grainleather is considered the much weaker type of leather. Most of the top grain leathers are gradedlower but are more affordable to many buyers. Top grain leather can still wear well and look great.When choosing your quality designer mens shoe, you want to choose the best leather along withthe best stitching. The best stitching is hand-sewn leather. Hand-sewn leather is the strongestmost durable leather when it comes to quality mens designer shoes. It is true what they say aboutthe Italians, they do it best!Often you will find Italian designer shoes with accent stitching, tonal stitching and other really
  2. 2. unique stitching as well. This can be very defining in a good quality mens designer shoe. Be sureto examine the stitching for its quality. Sometimes you just simply have to admire the exquisitedesigns of the hand-sewn Italian designer shoe. Some of the craftsmanship is simply breathtaking.Gregg Hall is a consultant for online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. Get yourbrand name shoes at http://www.brandnameshoesplus.comArticle Source: ====To Choose A Good Quality Mens Designer Shoe Go Here ====