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Evaluation Question Four


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Evaluation Question Four

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in the constructionand research, planning andevaluation stages?
  2. 2. Usage of New Media Technologies in the Construction Stage
  3. 3. I MovieI Movie was used to edit the music video. I Movie was very easy tomanipulate. Video tutorials on operating I Movie were on YouTubeand they became extremely helpful when initially learning to use it.Compared to more advanced and professional video editingsoftware such as Avid, Final Cut and Adobe Premiere, I Movie hadthe least amount of visual effects and transitions. Also a moreprofessional look would have given to our final video if we’ve used amore advanced video editing software.
  4. 4. Adobe Photoshop CS3
  5. 5. Adobe Photoshop was mainly used tocreate the digipack and the advertisement. Itenabled us to create a professional digipackand an advertisement. Video tutorialsavailable on the internet assisted us a lot tolearn the software. There are two mainimplications of using Photoshop. It takes alot of time for a starter to get used to usePhotoshop and to use all its tools andeffects . Also its an expensive software.
  6. 6. Digital CameraThe camcorder was used to film the music video. Itwas very easy to operate. It had rewind and playbackproperties which became extremely useful. Also it wasportable and light weighted. The main limitation wasthat the output video quality of the given camcorderwas very low. This affected the picture quality of ourmusic video.
  7. 7. Usage of New Media Technologies Inthe Research, Planning and Evaluation
  8. 8. YouTube became a highly useful media technology during all thestages. Research, planning and during the evaluation. It was used toupload all forms of moving images including the main music video andthe audience research onto the internet. YouTube acts as a bridgebetween us, the producers of music video and the audience as itenables the audience to watch it online anytime. Also It enabled us toshare the video with the members of the audience and receive theirfeedbacks. It was also used to research similar music videos of hip hopgenre. One limitation of YouTube is that it consumes a lot of time whenuploading videos onto YouTube. Another limitation is that it takes timeto load YouTube videos on computers connected to slow or busyinternet connections.
  9. 9. Google is a search engine which was used throughout the research process. It was used to find images, videos and similar texts.Prezi was used to create presentationsonline. It was mainly used to create thepresentations of some evaluationquestions and similar artist case studies.Its user friendly interface enabled me tolearn it easily. It provides exactly 500MB of internet memory capacity for astudent user. Therefore a presentationsof greater file sizes, for example oncethat contain a lot of video clips andimages could be created.
  10. 10. Jing was used to create screencasts of some of my evaluationquestions. It enabled me to create presentations with voicenarrations. Jing was easy to learn and to manipulate as it had avery user friendly interface. The only limitation of Jing was that itallows to create screencasts that worth only five minutes. Butpurchasing Jing Pro enables to create screencasts longer thanthat.
  11. 11. Blogger was the main media technology used for this piece of coursework as it provides all forms of evidence of my research work and final media products. Blogger was used to post all forms of research work and to upload videos including the final music video in an orderly manner. Blogger provides a lot of internet space free of charge and without any limitation so I was able to upload all my work related to coursework even without considering the file sizes of them.Facebook was used to receive anaudience feedback. Our music videowas posted on Facebook so people hadthe ability of providing feedbacks. Theyjust had to post their comments orfeedbacks underneath the video.