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So Called Games Deck

  1. 1. So CalledGamesDon’t just watch, playLauren Glaubach | Ben Handzo | Kassidee Kipp
  2. 2. Mission:Become the primarydestination whereviewers interact withlive events
  3. 3. So Called Games 1st Game: Your Call Football Viewers are using their second screens heavily while they watch television They are looking for ways to engageSo Called Games has already released a betaversion of our first game, Your Call Football.Players connect and compete with friends by calling theplays on the field, while they watch live When viewers are more engaged, everyone wins Advertisers will be able to measure ROI and elicit direct feedback, becoming a significant revenue stream
  4. 4. The New Model of “Viewership:” InteractivityTraditional: Passive Viewing Interactive: Predict Outcomes Live Content Advertisement Advertisement Content Viewer ViewerUsing the second screen to provide an interactive,companion experience to live event viewing changes thetraditional model and places the viewer in the center of theecosystem
  5. 5. Your Call Football: How it Works Closing the loop between what’s on TV and who’s watching itJoin or Create a room of Start calling plays and rack See how you rank. Eachpeople to play against up points for every correct possession is a new hand call so there are plenty of chances to win
  6. 6. The Market: Your Call Football Football Viewers • 200 M unique viewers in 2011 season • Each game: 17.5 M viewers on TV | Over 67,000 attend in personFantasy Footballers Casual Gamers • 27 M in 2011 season • 60% of MSN survey (13.5% of audience) respondents planned to fill out an NCAA • Spend 6-15 hrs/wk bracketA more casual Fantasy. A more intense Bracket. Likely a mix of all 3 groups. 1% of Football Viewers: 2M Market Opportunity 13.5% of Football Viewers: 27M Market Opportunity 60% of Football Viewers: 120M Market Opportunity
  7. 7. Competitive Landscape: Room for ImprovementKey Competitor: Preplay Potential Entrants• Non-integrated ads, • Develop free prediction banner ads disruptive game to increase viewer• Technology issues – engagement delays in real-time game • Acquire PrePlay or other updates entrant• Little traction• Non-intuitive optionsSo Called Games Comp. Advantages So Called Games Defensibility• Complementary, integrated experience • High switching costs between viewers and content ‒ Lifetime personal record + accumulated ‒ Ads served during game down time points ‒ Ads interactive + feedback-oriented ‒ Social network co-investment; friends stay / ‒ Real-time game updates with no delay leave together• Easy and intuitive user interface ‒ Player inertia • Speed to develop and add new features
  8. 8. Founding Team: Who We Are Lauren Glaubach Ben Handzo Kassidee Kipp Director of Marketing @ Product Manager and Director of Product @ Bloomspot Designer, Mobile Bloomspot @ CitySearch Past: Brand Manager Past: Google @ ESPN & Walt (AdSense) Disney (Strategic Planning) BA (Phi Beta Kappa) BA Princeton BA Dartmouth College, Princeton University, MFA MBA Harvard University, MBA School of Visual Arts HarvardTechnical Team• Jeff Michels, Developer (contract): MS Stanford, former Googler, startup experience• Jon Cooper, Advisor: Carbon Five team lead, Giftly founder, 16 yrs dev. experience
  9. 9. Operational Roadmap: Where We’re Going