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Employees as brand advocates in the social media sphere - Social Media Week Copenhagen 2013


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This presentation was held the 18th February 2013 during Social Media Week Copenhagen at Maersk by Kasper Risbjerg, Social Business Manager at IBM. #smwcph

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Employees as brand advocates in the social media sphere - Social Media Week Copenhagen 2013

  1. 1. ”Employees as Brand Advocates in the Social Media Sphere”!Kasper Risbjerg, Social Business Manager, IBM (@kasperrisbjerg)Social Media Week Copenhagen 2013! Expert-­‐in-­‐the-­‐making   Expert   Expert   Expert   Expert   Expert   Expert-­‐in-­‐the-­‐making  Source:  h5p://­‐your-­‐experts-­‐in-­‐the-­‐digital-­‐world-­‐how-­‐ibm-­‐is-­‐doing-­‐it  
  2. 2. ”It’s good for business”! Reach and amplification! ”Using  expert   Conversion! (employee)  engagement   3x! has  proven  3  #mes  as   Call to action! effecEve  as  tradiEonal   3x! digital  markeEng”   Lead!Source:  Susan  Emerick,  IBM  (@sfemerick)  
  3. 3. trust.!
  4. 4. ”People drive trust,advertisment don’t”! 92%  
  5. 5. ”The missing piece”! ”Due to technology the world is more interconnected than ever before and as a result the level of complexity companies experience is tremendous”! ”Don’t have 1 person doing 100%! Have 100 people doing 1%” !h5p://  
  6. 6. ”Marketing is no longer limited to marketing as every employee is getting empowered to share their opinions and expertise”!h5p://­‐money-­‐making-­‐ideas/  
  8. 8. ”The shift is clear”!h5p://  
  9. 9. ”From large campaigns
 To one-to-one, high-value interactions”!Source:  Susan  Emerick,  IBM  (@sfemerick)  
  10. 10. ”From controlling the message! To building collaborative relationships”!Source:  Susan  Emerick,  IBM  (@sfemerick)  
  11. 11. ”From being generally accessible ! To being active in the right places at the right times”!Source:  Susan  Emerick,  IBM  (@sfemerick)  
  12. 12. “Our strategy is maturing…”! From! To! Enabling all IBMers! Enabling experts in the context of our go-to-market programs!Source:  Susan  Emerick,  IBM  (@sfemerick)  
  13. 13. “Influencers aren’t influenced by marketers, so we need to connect experts with influencers”!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  14. 14. An Intentional Social Enablement Ecosystem! IBM Select! 100’s! High touch, high value/potential SMEs! Strategic, tactical external placement! Social Business Forward Thinker Program! Manager! Intermediate touch, high value SMEs! 10s of Scalable service to surface expertise 1000’s! externally and internally based on the needs of the business! Digital IBMer Hub! Low touch, high volume core enablement, education across IBM! 100s of Digital Program channel enablement! 1000’s! Self-serve surfacing and engagement! Guidelines and Policy!!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  15. 15. ”Where to start?”!h5p://  
  16. 16. ”Start your advocacy program by identifying the current state of your organization”!
  17. 17. h5p://  
  18. 18. ”Employees must truly believe in the purpose,mission and values of the organization. And todevelop a shared belief system, employees musthelp create it”!Ethics & values!!Purpose & mission!!Opennes fosters engagement!!It’s situation specific!!Personal branding!!Connecting with like-minded!!!
  19. 19. ”Find your champion”!h5p://­‐content/uploads/2012/10/kmGb32.jpg  
  20. 20. h5p://­‐content/uploads/2012/02/Hand-­‐drawing-­‐goal-­‐word.jpg  
  21. 21. “We are building trust & credibility”!   à à   =   The trust and credibility of our Experts ensures:! ! • Effective delivery of brand messages! • To relevant and receptive audiences! • Creates compelling and credible call-to-action! • Likely evoke positive responses! Ultimately creating self-sustaining brand evangelism ! and driving brand preference.!Source:  Susan  Emerick,  IBM  (@sfemerick)  
  22. 22. ”Establish program mechanics”!h5p://­‐small-­‐things-­‐keeping-­‐your-­‐systems-­‐synchronized.html  
  23. 23. “Introducing the Social Business Manager”! Oversight  for  all  aspects   Acts  as  the  personal   of  a  social  business   conduit,  coach  &  trainer   program   to  experts    Source: IBM (2012)
  24. 24. Source: IBM (2012)
  25. 25. ”The internal Forward Thinker program ensures that experts are always at your fingertips”!Source: IBM (2012)
  26. 26. ”Making our experts visible and accessible to clients on external webpages has proven extremely effective in driving engagement”!Source: IBM (2012)
  27. 27. ”Demand that your leaders lead as executive buy- in is crucial to succeed”!h5p://  
  28. 28. “Independent, empowered advocacy is short-lived without a window to practice, get feedback and iterate on ideas” !h5p://­‐Bo4ozuj1szI/UEa5j4FyEWI/AAAAAAAAJYw/cE9I9udQhVY/s1600/Boys+(4+of+8).jpg  
  29. 29. “Enablement happens through the Digital IBMer Hub”!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  30. 30. “A few examples of our enablement modules”! Task/Situation specific! §  Social Software Introduction for SME’s/Thought Leaders! §  Listening to Digital Discussions! §  Plan How to Help and Engage! §  Digital Persona Management! §  Add Value and Build your online reputation and thought leadership! §  Manage Feedback Through Digital Channels! Platform specific! §  Beginner – Slideshare 101: The Basics! §  Intermediate - Twitter 201: Tools and Techniques for Enhancing Twitter Engagement and Growing Eminence! §  Advanced - Blogging 301: Differentiating and Promoting your Blog!Source: IBM (2012)
  31. 31. Assessment!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  32. 32. Assessment!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  33. 33. Assessment!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  34. 34. Assessment!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  35. 35. “Taking our on medicine when keeping track of things”!Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  36. 36. h5p://­‐content/uploads/2010/11/Tape-­‐measurer.jpg  
  37. 37. “So how do we measure social eminence?”! KPIs   KPI  DefiniEons   Metrics   SubscripEons   Visitors   Audience  members  who  have  opted   Visits   Reach   into  your  communicaEons   Search  Rank   ConnecEons   Followers   Views   Likes   Audience  interacEons  with  content   Comments   Engagement   published  by  SMEs   Likes   Comments   @menEons   SME   Clicks   Eminence   Shares   Audience  sharing  acEons  of  SME   AmplificaEon   content   Inbound  Links   Retweets   To  be  defined  by  the  program  SBM.  An   Conversion   example  would  be  registraEons  yielded   RegistraEons   from  SME  social  accounts  Source:  IBM  (2012)  
  38. 38. ”It’s good for business…! ! … so let’s adjust budgets accordingly”! Reach and amplification! Conversion! 3x! Call to action! 3x! Lead!Source:  Susan  Emerick,  IBM  (@sfemerick)  
  39. 39. ”These two items have ”A bag of marbles has the same volume, but do ~300% more surface area they have the same of a softball. You want to surface?”! be bag of marbles to influence markets.”!Analogy  adapted  from  Ethan  McCarty  (@ethanmcc)  &  Ryan  Boyles  (@therab)  
  40. 40. ! !!!! !! !Thank you!!! !Twitter: @kasperrisbjerg !! !LinkedIn:!! !Website:!! !Email:!!!