Traditions in the Czech Republic


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Traditions in the Czech Republic

  2. 2. Origins of traditions  Christian traditions Christmas, Easter  Slavic traditions of Pagan origin Morana, Witches burning  Folk traditions from different regions Vintage – Moravia Pig slaughter, Kites, Harvest, Carnival – different regions
  3. 3. SPRING Morana (Marzanna) and welcoming of spring Easter Burning of witches
  4. 4. Morana and welcoming of spring  Slavic goddess of death and winter  People in the country make a straw figure, boys and girls carry away from the village  Tradition of burning and drowning Morana belongs to the last Sunday before Easter  ilness and winter disappear with Morena  In May, construction of „májka“ - single men in the village have to watch out day and night, men from neighbour villages try to steal it
  5. 5. Easter - painted Easter eggs - The Easter whip and carols: the boys and men Whipping symbolises health and fertility for girls and young women After the noon, boys can be poured by cold water (they came late) In some regions, once in 4 years girls and unmarried women whip boys and men
  6. 6. Burning of witches  Walpurgis night in English  on 30 April at night, we burn the figures of witches  The celebrations of spring  We trust in a magic night  Once, the people believed that the witches had a sabat (meeting)
  7. 7. SUMMER   Fairs Harvest home
  8. 8. Fairs and harvest home Fairs Once the fairs were associated with a religion festivals  At present, only believres go on pilgrimage  The atractions  Harvest home In the end of Semptember  The processions dressed in traditional costumes 
  9. 9. AUTUMN    Vintage All Souls The kites
  10. 10. Vintage celebration and All Souls Vintage  Celebration of wine  There is a cultural programme, music and market places  We taste the different types of wine and stum (burčák) All Souls Remberance of deads We set on fire the candles and think of decedents
  11. 11. Kites  The children (and also adults) make the kites  The competitions with kites
  12. 12. WINTER     Advent Christmas Carnival Pig slauther
  13. 13. Advent Advent wreath - four candles, one candle for every week Saint Barbara - in some regions she puts the gifts and sweets - The children prepare the socks on the window - in the morning, the children open the socks and take what is inside Saint Nicolas - Saint Nicolas comes in with devil and angel - The children must sing or say the rhyme - The gifts and sweets to kind children
  14. 14. Christmas  Decoration of tree  Traditional songs  Baking of candies  Invisible small Jesus (Ježíšek) carries and gives the gifts (?) in the evening on 24th December  Christmas-Eve dinner - we eat the potato salad and carp  A lot of different traditions in regions and in the families: we cut an apple, we trust to see a gold pig, we put a hot lead into the water
  15. 15. Pig slauther and carnival Pig slauther - slauthering of domestic pigs at home - tradition in different seasons (autumn, winter) - guláš, soup, klobásy, jitrnice Carnival - The people take the masks and they walk in procession (especially in countryside) - The period of Carnival is since 6 January to Ash Wednesday
  16. 16. The Hlinsko carnival - held the second weekend in February every year since 1830´s - parade with masked people in costumes - since 2010 – signed in the UNESCO heritage
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention! Eliška Glatzová and little Barunka Tomáš Stehno and Lenka Špačková Pictures Class 7.B (teacher Blanka Bouchnerová) Josef Lada (famous Czech painter)