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Harvest festival in Latvia


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Harvest festival in Latvia

  1. 1. Miķeļi (Michael’s Day), or the ancient Latvian harvesting of crops and vegetables is a celebration that corresponds to the Christian Church feast day in honor of Archangel Michael on September 29. Latvian dainas (folk songs) called Michael a good and rich man, and father of the bread, which binds to the autumn harvest ripening. In different regions of Latvia Mikeli celebration was also called Mikal or Mīklāli. According to the old calendar this event was celebrated around the Autumn Equinox (21 to 23rd September), when the night is of equal length with daylight.
  2. 2. Miķeļi was the last time when a guy could make a proposal to a girl. After Mikeli proposing had to be postponed till the next year.
  3. 3. Martin’s day is the borderline between autumn and winter. According to the Sun calendar Mārtiņi marks the mid-point between the autumn solstice (Miķeļi) and winter solstice (Christmas) and is celebrated in mid-November.
  4. 4. The rooster is a traditional dish for Martin’s day, but lately it was substituted with a goose –a tradition borrowed from Germany and Scandinavia.
  5. 5. On Martin’s evening the maidens threw their skirts in the middle of the room before going to bed,. A man who comes in a dream and picks them up, will be a future husband.