Famous personalities


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Famous personalities

  1. 1. Galery of famous people
  2. 2. • He was born in 1502. • He was a Hungarian soldier, best known as the successful defender of Eger against the Ottomans in 1552. • He was a member of the Hungarian land-owning nobility, with holdings in northern Hungary. • In the dynastic succession struggles after the Battle of Mohács in 1526, he was consistently on the side of the Habsburg King Ferdinand I. • He was given the ownership of the castle of Levice. • He died in 1572.
  3. 3. He was born in 1260-1265. Matúš Csák Trenčiansky was a Hungarian oligarch in the Kingdom of Hungary who ruled independently the north-western counties of the kingdom (today roughly the western half of present-day Slovakia and parts of Northern Hungary). In the 19th century, he was often described as a symbol of the struggle for independence in both the Hungarian and Slovak literatures. He died on 18th March 1321.
  4. 4. • They bought Levice estate in 1867. • They were very rich. • They came from noble family. • They traded for example with wool, silk, textil and with confectionery. • In Levice they owned many buildings: mill, chateau and many
  5. 5. Esterházy family was significant Hungarian noble family. They had the largest owners land in the Habsburg Empire. Esterházy family owned the estate Levice since of the end 17th century. The estate owned until the 19th century. The estate Levice before Esterhazy owned Csáky. Ladislav Csáky sold castle to Paul Esterházy. Then Paul Csáky owned castle. He bought it at auction. Csáky´s family were Hungarian noble family, known since the 14th century in Transylvania. In the 17th century became the center of his dominion Slovakia, where he had extensive property until 1945.
  6. 6. TWiiNS are a Slovak twin pop duo consisting of sisters Daniela Jančichová and Veronika Nízlová who were born on 15 May 1986 in Hronský Beňadik(district Levice). They represented Slovakia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with their song, "I'm Still Alive", which failed to qualify for the final. Despite this, they still gave Slovakia their best result since re-entering the competition in 2009. Their mom have got shop with clothes in Levice.
  7. 7. Magda Paveleková appeared in 12 films, 205 television productions and presented in nearly 60 entertainment broadcasts on the radio and television. She is descendant of the famous family Koháry. She was an actress in Theatre in Nitra. She has been the member of this theatre for 17 years. Then she left to Bratislava and her artistic life she described in book „Remembering old actress“ in 2001. Now she is on retired.
  8. 8. Juraj Zaujec is 29 years old. He was in Superstar in 2012. He studied in conservatory and learnt playing on guitar. In addition to playing the guitar he loves singing. He has two little daughters and wife. He lived in Levice for a long time, but lately he moved to Bratislava. He has been a teacher in artistic school for 4 years.
  9. 9. Ivana Kuriačková become the Triathlete of 2012 in Slovakia. She is 18 year old sportwoman. 18th October 2012 Ivana Kuriačková won the title of World Champion in akvatlone in junior category. 21th April 2013 in the Dutch Horst she got her first place in the duathlon. In Slovakia she won the title of four domestic