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Christams comenius


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Christams comenius

  1. 1. • in Slovakia, Christmas celebrations begin with Advent • Slovaks also celebrate St. Nicholas' day on the 6th December • in Slovakia he is known as sv. Mikuláš • he comes in the evening of the 5th December and gives presents to good children • children place their shoes near the window so sv. Mikuláš can endow them with sweets and fruit
  2. 2. • During advent there are many things to do or buy to make slovak christmas include cleaning the house, baking, shopping and buying the Christmas Tree • in Slovakia Happy/Merry Christmas is 'Veselé Vianoce‚ • Slovak Christmas Trees are decorated with coloured lights, fruits, hand-made decorations made of wood...
  3. 3. • • • In the morning children decorate the christmas tree with dad while mom cooks cabbage soup and roasted carp. Children watch christmas film on TV and adults listen to Christmas carols. In the evening family go to the church to the evening mass.
  4. 4. Christmas gifts are brought to children by Jesus. Family gifts are put under the Christmas Tree. A common tradition is that the children have to leave the room when the presents are being brought by Jesus. The children then run to the Christmas Tree to try and see the Jesus but they always narrowly miss him! Then the present are opened. Christmas carols are sung or played, often Silent Night, then the supper is served.
  5. 5. • Christmas markets are in the biggest cities • For example Bratislava, Nitra, Banská Bystrica...
  6. 6. • On Christmas holidays people send postcard to friends and family
  7. 7. Viktória Zajková Viktória Bajanová Linda Eder