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Maximize Conversions: Optimize your Exit Popups


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Want to maximize conversions of your site? Know these proven tricks to optimize exit popups and contact Website Development Agency to implement them.

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Maximize Conversions: Optimize your Exit Popups

  1. 1. Maximize Conversions: Optimize Your Exit Popups
  2. 2.  Being a website owner you know how important it is to engage your users to convert prospects into customers.  An exit popup offers you a last opportunity to engage them before they abandon your site. Whatever may be your conversion goals, a perfectly designed exit popup can help you realize them.
  3. 3.  Typical exit popups include a short and to the point message and a call-to-action (CTA).  They may also contain images or videos. Let us put a glance through the cool tips given away by website development specialists for optimizing exit popups to get the most out of them:
  4. 4.  Your exit popup should resonate with your customers in the same way your brand does so that they find it genuine and it doesn’t hinder the performance of your website.  Otherwise, instead of increasing conversions it would even spoil the experience of your existing customers. Reflect Your Brand
  5. 5.  Read the minds of your audience by diving into your website’s analytics data.  Know their behaviour, observe how they use your site and try to find out their needs.  When designing your popups, keep these things in mind so that your audience feels it is there just for them! Know Your Audience
  6. 6.  It goes without saying how crucial it is to make your popup attractive to avoid turning away your visitors.  Make it catchy with attention-grabbing headline and striking images to create an impact on your customers and make them convert. Make It Eye-catching
  7. 7.  Exercise your brain cells and find out new ways to make your popup fun so that it can tickle the funny bones of your audience.  They won’t ignore it if you catch their eye with a cartoon or grab their attention with a meme, joke or funny video or animation. But remember to keep it aligned with your branding and aim for your ultimate goal i.e. conversion. Include Humour
  8. 8.  Your CTA button is the most important element of your popup which you don’t want your customers to miss.  Therefore, make it stand out by using contrasting colour and persuasive copy.  You may also make it interesting by giving your customers alternate unattractive option along with your CTA button. Get Creative With CTA
  9. 9.  You can make your customers glued to your site or stop them from leaving your site by offering them some discount or free delivery option on purchase of certain amount.  You can reduce cart abandonment rate and encourage shoppers to continue with their shopping on your site. Offer Freebies
  10. 10.  If you are a dealer of complex products or services then it is wise for you to consider offering support in your popup.  It your customers think of leaving your site due to lack of information then your dedicated support popup may guide them and make them stay on site. Offer Support
  11. 11.  Hope this article gave you some insights that you can implement to design your exit popups and increase conversions and boost sales. Originally published on:
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